We have lots of hair in our house, and we go through tons of hair ties. How durable are these? Do they break easily?
Hendersonvlle, TN - il y a 5 ans

2 answers

Not one of mine have snapped on me yet and with my four cats eventually stealing my hair ties to play with I go thru a ton of them as well. (I asked the cats and they said theirs aren't breaking either lol.) Kidding of course but they do seem to stretch out pretty quickly however that's the same with all of hair ties I buy no matter what the brand. Even stretched out I can still use them Though because the rubber nubbie things will hold them in there pretty good so they still last me awhile. Hope that's helpful.
il y a 5 ans
It's really hard to say. I bought a pack of these in all black hair ties. I always keep a hair tie on my wrist. At first, I could use a hair tie for a couple of months before it started to get stretched out, but as I used the other hair ties in the pack, they would stretch out more quickly. I'm not sure if hair ties have a "expiration" date. I'm thinking the elastic starts to get old and doesn't have as much elasticity as before. So maybe don't buy them in large quantities.
il y a 5 ans