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Good Clean Love pH Balanced Personal Wash - 8 fl oz
Good Clean Love

Good Clean Love pH Balanced Personal Wash - 8 fl oz


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I'm always excited to try new products I may not know about, especially when it comes to products for "down there." To say the least, I was terribly disappointed in this. Not only does it not lather up AT ALL, but I literally used ¼ of the bottle in one showering, and STILL used my Summer's Eve brand right behind it. The consistency of this product is more akin to water, than a soap. I'll be sticking with literally any other brand besides this one. I would not buy this ever, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. Summer's Eve customer for life.
I’ve used every store brand you could think of and THIS... I seriously love it. The best feminine wash I’ve EVER USED. Not strongly scented, a little goes a long way... & everything is in good balance down there. Highly recommend.
I liked that the product is all natural and soothing as well as great for my very sensitive skin but it was very thin in consistent and almost watery. Though I wanted to love this product it left a weird oily residue.
I’m currently using Sweet Spot feminine wash which is 97% natural and has great reviews online but I’m very intrigued by this wash having an aloe Vera base, I wonder how it compares. Has anyone used this one? Did you like it? Pros or cons?
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