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GNC Pro Performance Soy...
5 Reviews
5 / 5
It took me a while and a few goes to be able to love this product. I add it to my routine as much as possible. It's a little costly but the flavor is worth it. 😋
5 / 5
Whenever I'm working out not always utilize in GNC's whey protein products to help my body recover and grow. The nutritional value helps to restore my muscles when I break them down in a good workout.
5 / 5
Now that I am back on my fitness kick this became my best friend as I have 3 on my fridge right now to help out with the protein I don't get
4 / 5
My husband loves this and drinks this after a workout. I add some fruit to mine and it tastes better
5 / 5
This is by far my favorite protein I've ever tried. It literally taste like a chocolate milkshake. I use mine with Almond milk, peanut butter powder, and a frozen banana. It taste amazing. I never really paid attention to the results as much, I just really enjoyed the flavor for this one. Its worth it if you don't like protein.