Does anyone have any opinions on the glossier perfume? I heard it smells amazing but doesn’t last long…. Also does anyone LOVE their cloud paint? I need a good new liquid blush! Glossier Cloud Paint Glossier You Eau de Parfum
Caldwell, NJ - il y a 3 mois

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i use the glossier perfume & cloud paint!!! I am in love with both! the perfume is super long lasting in my opinion. i get so many compliments when i wear it! i really like the two colors i have in the cloud paint! i feel like there is a decent amount of options
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I do love cloud paint. Hooked. Nice for a fresh minimal look. The perfume is good. It’s not as complex as a higher end perfume but it is nice. Warm and fresh smelling. Simple. Not too overpowering. With some orders you can pick a sample of the perfume to try before you buy.
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I have both! The liquid perfume lasts longer than the solid (easily a decent chunk of the day), but the solid parfum is cheaper and you can carry it around to reapply! I’ve started not squeezing my cloud paints and just dabbing on the product at the nozzle - because it’s so pigmented, you only need a tiny bit! I have shades puff and dusk for my light olive skin, and love them
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i love the cloud paint! the only thing is that the tube is super messy and tends to give out a lot more product than intended to. (specifically after it has been used a bit)
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