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Glade Vanilla Passion Fruit PlugIns Scented Oil - 3 pack

Glade Vanilla Passion Fruit PlugIns Scented Oil - 3 pack


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I have tried MANY scents and brands of plug ins.. and this if by far my favorite scent!!! It’s even better in a candle! I wish the plug in smelled more like tha candle
The Vanilla Passion Fruit plug-in refills is a scent I continue to purchase. The scent is mild and not overwhelming like some scents can be, but does not last long after being replaced. The scent fades after a day or two. Unfortunately, I think the formula was changed a few years back so the scent is a little different.
[product:glade-plugins-vanilla-passion-fruit-and-hawaiian-breeze-scented-oil-refills-268-fl-oz-pack] irst off glade plug in are amazing probably the best most effective and strong plug in air fresheners that I have ever used. This scent is simply amazing this is one of my go to scents for my plug ins just so sweet smelling and strong. It freshens up my house with in seconds of plugging it in.
This is my FAVORITE scent of glade plug in! I have tried #airwick and #febreeze plug ins, and was about to order a new one from #villagecandle… is it worth it, or should I stick with this one? WHATS YOUR FAVORITE??
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