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Glade Expressions Starter Kits


4.4 out of 5 stars
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4.47 / 5 based on 354 Reviews
!Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

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Glade Expressions Starter Kits
Glade Expressions Starter Kits
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  • "i bought both the oil diffuser and the new spray when they first came out b/c i love to use glade products and always have to try the new ones out." in 67 reviews
  • "I love this it just looks so cute in my living room and makes everything smell better and makes everyone happier its a great product." in 19 reviews
  • "I just bought mine this past week end I got the mister and the auto sprayer they smell so great the only problem the scent doesn't last long if it did it would be an A+" in 17 reviews
  • "These are great I wouldnt say the spray is a must have for me it's as good as any other but the diffuser did a great job & lasted a long time " in 16 reviews
  • "I had gotten the Glade expressions difuser and fragrance mist free from BzzAgent free to try and I really do love it I love that it wont spill you don't need batteries and they are both super easy to use I have always loved Glade and they are really steppin it up more with this collectiom." in 16 reviews
Sarah L.
Arlington, WA
18 reviews
Remember when Glade entered the market? Their jingle was “Plug it in, plug it in”. I guess with the concern about our carbon foot prints, leaving something plugged in day and night that is constantly running has become a faux-pas, so Glade has introduced a Oil Diffuser and a spray mist.
Lets start with the spray. I was worried that this was a standard aerosol, but I was educated today. Current aerosols are different than old school pre-1978 super-polluting aerosols. Less than 2% of aerosols*, which are specifically approved by the government for medical purposes, still are propelled by CO2, and household use items like hairspray and fragrance mists do not have such horrible propellants. According to Glade, this spray is not that bad for the environment.
The aluminum refill is recyclable.
100% natural propellant.
Product not formulated with phthalates.
So, the technical chemical stuff aside, how does it work? I picked the Cotton and Italian Mandarin which, to me, smells like fresh laundry. It is AMAZING. I have put this container in the bathroom, which now smells like fresh towels every time I spray. The smell lingers for a couple hours and is not overpowering in the least.
Would I buy this again? Yes
Will I finish the sample? Yes!
On to the Glad Expressions Oil Diffuser. The first one I picked up was Pineapple and Mangosteen. It smelled very sweet. The problem was getting the paper into the oil. The plastic coupler didn’t work correctly and wouldn’t lock into place. At first I thought it was right, but the more I thought about it the more I realized it was wrong. I was worried that my husband and I were just somehow not strong enough to do it correctly. To be sure (before I wrote the review) I bought a second one with a coupon from BzzAgent. This time I bought the Lavender and Juniper Berry because I felt the Pineapple and Mangosteen was too sweet so I didn’t want 2 of that same fragrance. When I pushed the paper into the oil, this time, it went quite easily with a satisfying click. You can see in the photo below the difference in the couplers. On the left is the defective one, and on the right is the correct one. The Left has the extra area where the plastic didn’t join properly. Hopefully this was a fluke and not a trend.

On to the product (minus the defect)…The Pineapple is too sweet for me, but does come with the prettiest container, the wood grain one. The Lavender and the Apple scents both come with the white container. I don’t know how the apple smells, but I do like the Lavender, it is floral but not too much, it reminds me of a summer field. The scent lasts for (they claim) about 30 days. I haven’t had mine that long yet, more like 15, but it is still going strong.
Would I buy it again? Maybe, I’d love to see them have the Cotton scent in the oil, and then I would
Will I finish the sample? Yep, they are nice.
Meagan D.
Dalton, GA
59 reviews
I received coupons to redeem for two free products from the Glas Expressions collection. So, I have yet to find the oil diffuser, but I did find the fragrance mist at Walmart. I was surprised by the price which was only $2.98. I really hope Walmart decides to stock the refills for these, because I really like them. So, I have a preference for the fruity smells. My boyfriend likes clean smells. He picked out Cotton & Italian Mandarin. I was pleasantly surprised that we both got what we wanted out of this fragrance. I love how easy it is to spray vs. most fragrance sprays. You just have to light squeeze compared to awkwardly putting your hand on top and attempting to push a trigger that’s usually stuck somehow. I hope to find the grey starter kit so I can use Cotton & Italian Mandarin with it, because I think it looks sharp. This is my new fragrance mist of choice for sure.
So, I have nothing but good things to say about the new Glade Expressions Fragrance Mists. I bought the Cotton & Italian Mandarin in the mist. It’s wonderful. I really hate clean smells, but my boyfriend loves them. This smells citrusy on top of the clean and it just doesn’t get better for a compromise, in my opinion. In the oil diffuser, I tried Pineapple & Mangosteen. I dropped the oil in the floor in the bathroom and it smelled wonderful for days even though I put the diffuser in a different room. Haha. I originally had it in our bedroom, but the smell was so strong, I moved it to the second bathroom. You can still smell it strongly and I set it up on Saturday. (It’s Tuesday) I might like it better if it was offered in the Cotton & Italian Mandarin scent, because Pineapple & Mangosteen is just so pugnant. Overall, I really like the mist, and I will buy again… The oil diffuser, probably not.
Edie C.
27 reviews
Who doesn't love for their house to smell good? With our 150 lb horse....errr doggie and a 7 yr old and a 5 yr old, I typically can't describe my home as fresh BUT da, da, da, dum enter Glade's new expressions line! These new oil diffusers and sprays smell fantastic. They also are designed to be elegant. No more metal can sitting around, the new sprays are in all white bottles that blend into the background. The oil diffusers are even nicer with white cutout sides.

The spray is wonderful for a quick burst of scent. The Fuji Apple and Cardamon Spice is perfect for fall. I've got it conveniently stowed in the bathroom for...well ya know. I chose the Lavender & Juniper Berry Oil Diffuser. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much. It's super simple to put together and it's not real big or anything so I thought it would be real fragrant when I opened it and then it would just sit there. Not so! I placed the diffuser in the living room. When I walked in my back door last night I could smell it! Now that's about 4 rooms away from where it is placed and it was hours after I had opened it. This morning I can still smell it!!

The new expressions line also boasts scents like Cotton & Italian Mandarin and Pineapple & Mangosteen. So go ahead now before all your fall activities begin and freshen up your house! :)

I'm a BzzAgent! I received FREE products from www.bzzagent.com and Glade for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own!!
Elisa S.
San Diego, CA
27 reviews
The packaging, I’ll have to admit, influenced my initial decisions of what fragrances to get. I was really excited with the variety of choices I had. I love the bamboo inspired Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser, it goes perfectly with my décor. I bought the Glade Expressions® Pineapple & Mangosteen Oil Diffuser and really liked it. It has hints of coconut and smells very sweet and tropical. I loved that it saves energy by not needing to be plugged in, but I did wish it had a way to regulate the amount of scent it was omitting.
Again, with the packaging, I was hoping to find the Glade Expressions® Lavender & Juniper Berry in the sleek silver container, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. (I guess everyone else likes it too) I choose the Glade Expressions® Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice Fragrance Spray to try. After using this a couple times I totally understood what Glade Expressions® Collection meant when they said their fragrances were lightly layered and designed open up note by note. At first spray, I smelled, “Mmm, apple spice” but then later on, I caught lingering whiffs of fresh apples here, and a unique spice scent over there, as I walked throughout the room. I was as if the scents were layered through the room; they were definitely long lasting, but not in a heavy way. I really like this one, and will go back to look for that coveted Expressions® Lavender & Juniper Berry. ;)
Krystal R.
Pemberton, NJ
3 reviews
I love having a clean, fresh smelling home, so I was excited to try out the new Glade Expressions Collection. I purchased the Oil Diffuser (in the Pineapple & Mangosteen scent) and the Fragrance Mist (in the Cotton & Italian Mandarin scent).

As soon as I arrived home, I just had to try them out.
My thoughts on the Fragrance Mist: It is long-lasting, and it smells absolutely amazing. The two scents compliment each other nicely, and I received several compliments on the fragrance from visitors. The mist is very fine, and (thankfully) it didn’t make my home smell like it had been doused in a heavy, overpowering “perfume” scent. I’m hoping this bottle lasts as long (or longer) as the usual air freshener, as I am 100% in love with this fragrance.

My thoughts on the Oil Diffuser: The overall design of it is very nice, and the scents again, compliment each other nicely. The only thing I did not like, is the fact that the scent of the oil diffuser did not seem to stay strong very long. The claim is that the Oil Diffuser lasts for 30 days, however, I’m just not sure that this is the case.

Perhaps the room is just overly large for one of these product, and with another the scent would be more noticeable.

Overall, these are both great products and I will buy them in the future.
Amanda P.
Indianapolis, IN
25 reviews
I love the scents for these but they only have 3 for the diffuser and 4 for the mist. The Diffuser did NOT stay together until I actually put super glue on it for it to stay up(happened with 2 different diffusers),not to mention the refill and scent pad have to be pratcially forced together.I ended up wearing 6 of the scents becausethe pad would not lock into the oil holder and when I did exactly how is diplayed it pretty much exploded once it went through. I'd rather just use the oil holder and hide it out of sight.The Juniper berry and Lavender is SERIOUSLY strong so I had to put it in a very open area,in a small area it kind of choked me. As for the mister,I wouldn't spend that much money on another holder,nor the refills when I can get the "refills" in the regular(orignal) bottles for less.The only thing I like about the holder is my daughters can no longer spray it whenever they would like.Since it doesn't have the handle just hanging out there its not easily accessible for them to just spray it everywhere and their hands do not fit around the mouth of it to be able to do so. Love the cotton and Italian Mandarin scent and the Fuji apple and cardamom.
Deborah F.
Fort Scott, KS
44 reviews
I have both starter kits, the oil differ and the elegant mist sprayer. You can leave them out and they look like a decorator piece. What is nice about these is that once they are empty, then all you have to do is buy the refills. I really love the design in the oil diffuser. It is so elegant looking. I have it sitting out in our sitting room. I even leave the spray mist out also because it is wonderfully disguised that nobody will know that it is air freshener. I love the sexy but elegant curves that it has.

I bought the Pineapple & Mangosteen scent in both the oil diffuser and the spray mist. I love it! My husband who hates most scents loved it, too! It makes me feel like I am on some exoctic tropical island (until I look out the window) LOL

It works really well! The scent isn't really heavy and over bearing. It is nice and clean smelling. The oil diffuser scent last about a month before you have refill it. They spray mist lasted us for almost a one and a half months. It just depends on how much you spray it.

I highly recommend that you buy this product and check it out for yourself. I think you will love it as much as I do.
Caroline H.
Philadelphia, PA
18 reviews
The Glade Expressions Collection is definitely worth buying and trying! I have been a long time user of glade products so I was excited to try out the new collection of designer scents and the new designs. I must start by saying that I end up being disappointed in the strength and scents that most home fragrance products produce, however my opinion of glade has exceeded my expectations! The fragrance mist is definitely my favorite product and I am in love with the cotton & Italian mandarin scent. I spray it and the whole room fills with a clean, fresh scent that lasts A LOT longer than the normal room sprays. The oil diffuser is also a great product that has a stylish appearance and is refillable (read money saver!). I'm a big fan of the pineapple & mangosteen but would love for it to be offered in the cotton & Italian mandarin scent, which at this point it isn't. The products are affordable and can be found at just about every retailer that offers home fragrance items. Take my advice and try out the new glade expressions collections now!
Samantha M.
Shingle Spgs, CA
27 reviews
I'm very impressed with my Glade Expressions Starter Kit. I like squeezing the side of the bottle opposed to pushing down on top of the lid like their other aerosol cans. I also like the design of can. You can tear the label off which leaves just a simple white bottle, which I enjoy more than the bright funky designed bottles that never matched my room decor. Refillling the bottles only involves three steps. 1. Unscrewing the base from the holder 2. Tap palm to remove refill 3. Remove refill cap. Slide new refill into holder and replace. However, I have yet to refill my starter kit because my bottle has lasted me over a month. I bought my starter kit at Target for $2.99 and the refills were $1.99. The collection comes with three scent Cotton & Italian Mandarin, Pineapple & Mangosteen and Figu Apple & Cinnamin Spice. The only thing I would improve is adding more scents to the collection, for example some fall and holiday scents. Overall, I'm very pleased with the product and I plan on repurchasing it.
Sabrina S.
Calumet City, IL
22 reviews
I've tried two of the sprays and two of the diffusers. For the most part, they're great. They look wonderful, they blend in. But some scents are better than others.

As a spray and diffuser, the red packaging one (the name escapes me, and I can't find it on google right now) is amazing. My boyfriend is addicted to spraying our room with it just to be able to smell it all the time. I can't get enough of this one. As a diffuser, it lasted a long time, and wasn't too strong or too weak.

I tried this one as a diffuser. WOW. It could have been great, but wow. The first day, it was overpowering strong. Nauseating, even. It consumed the whole upstairs area. Then, the next day... boom. You couldn't smell it at ALL anymore. I think it may be okay as a spray, and I'll try that next.

I got the spray of this, and I guess it's just not my thing. I'm not big on linen/clean scents, but my boyfriend insisted. Yeah... I didn't like it. It's bearable, but I wouldn't get it again.

NOTE - diffusers
I had a hard time snapping the thing filled with liquid into the base. Sometimes I had to have my guy push it in for me. Don't give up until you hear it click together, or it's not connected properly.
Kristina W.
Chicago Hts, IL
29 reviews
How many refills come with the starter kit?
Tammy B.
Thomasville, NC
10 reviews
How long does it last ?
S. H.
56 reviews
What is your favorite scent? I can't find fugi apple anywhere.
Elisa S.
San Diego, CA
27 reviews
At which store do you find the most variety of scents?
Davia G.
Huntsville, AL
432 reviews
Decorator Expert Level 2
Have you replaced any of your former scents or plug in's after trying Glade Expressions?

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