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Glade Expressions


4.5 out of 5 stars
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4.56 / 5 based on 305 Reviews
!Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

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Glade Expressions
Glade Expressions
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  • "I was never fond of artificial fruity fragrances, I always found them to be overpowering and triggered headaches, so I was little disappointed when I went to my local Wal-Mart and saw that for their oil diffuser selection they only had the pineapple and mangosteen scent in stock." in 37 reviews
  • "I have the pineapple and mangosteen oil diffuser and the cotton and Italian mandarin air freshnerspray, both smell absolutely divine." in 14 reviews
  • "I absolutely love the oil diffuser because it works fantastically, for a long time, and it is designed to blend in and fit with your decor." in 13 reviews
  • "I've tried the decorative air freshener in the mango, and the spray in the mango and the clean linen scent and to be honest, I liked the mango at first but it gave me a headache over time of it's use, but I love the clean linen scented spray." in 12 reviews
  • "They have 3 other scents that consists of: Cotton & Italian Mandarin, Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice, And Lavender & Juniper Berry." in 7 reviews
Theresa P.
Rockmart, GA
22 reviews
I was never fond of artificial fruity fragrances, I always found them to be overpowering and triggered headaches, so I was little disappointed when I went to my local Wal-Mart and saw that for their oil diffuser selection they only had the pineapple and mangosteen scent in stock. I really wanted to the Lavender, so figured I would try another Wal-Mart that was only a few minutes away. Again they only had pineapple and mangosteen. I wasn't willing to drive all over the place to find a certain fragrance, so I sucked it up and decided I would try the pineapple and mangosteen with an open mind.

The product is very easy to assemble, just click the decorative panels into the holder, connect the diffuser to the oil bottle, and slide it down the holder. I love the design of the product as well, its very compact but chic and modern.

I placed mine in the corner of my bathroom counter. The style of the holder is called bamboo, and it matched perfectly with my wooden cabinets.

It only took a minute or two and I could already smell the fragrance of the pineapple and mangosteen, and surprisingly, I loved it! You could smell the sweetness, but it was nowhere near overpowering, I found it instead to be a very refreshing and soft scent, like I was actually smelling fresh fruit, not that processed, artificial fruity smell that burns my nose.

I also loved how despite its dainty size I could smell the fragrance not just in my bathroom, but in my bedroom and office space.

My husband also had his reservation about picking a pineapple and mangosteen scent, but was pleasantly surprised at the result and how fresh the bathroom smelled.

For the Glades Fragrance Mist, I purchased Starlit Evening. This fragrance is just heavenly! I only needed to spray it twice, so a little goes a long way and like the diffuser, the fragrance just spreads throughout the house leaving a pleasant scent wherever I go. The fragrance bottle has a very sleek and modern design, it was too pretty to put away with the rest of my cleaning supplies so I placed it right on my bookshelf as decoration.

My nose is very happy with this product and I am a reformed pineapple lover lol!
Jessica S.
Olympia, WA
10 reviews
After trying various scents of the Glade Expression line I have concluded that I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

The reed diffusers come in stylish designs. The only draw back to these is the bulky black bottom which clashed with my living room decor. But that was a simple fix with spray paint and it matches perfectly now! I was able to test three scents in the reed diffusers. My favorite scent is the Lavender & Juniper Berry or the “purple one”. I usually find lavender scents to be overpowering and old lady smelling. But this combination with the juniper is PERFECT. It is light and refreshing and smells delicious. I put this one in my living room, which is a large room, and it fills it perfectly with scent. It has been over 30 days since I opened it and I can still smell it. Everyone also comments on the scent and says they love it! My second favorite scent for the reed diffusers is the Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice or the “red one”. This smells delicious as well, in fact it smells like Christmas! The only drawback to this scent is how strong it was at first. I placed it in our bedroom and I woke up the next morning with a headache from the smell. I had to eventually move it to another room by our bedroom and we can still smell it but it is not overpowering. I plan on putting this scent in the living room around Christmas time. It is a wonderful scent that makes me wish the holidays were here. The last scent available in the diffuser is the “yellow one” or Pineapple & Mangosteen I found this scent to be extremely overpowering. It smells like pineapple and a hint of coconut. It smells like a Hawaii vacation. But it is so strong it doesn’t smell good. AS soon as I opened it I was sick of it. I did not keep that scent but gave it to my aunt. She loved the smell and placed it in her bathroom.
The sprays come in all the above scents and also in Cotton & Italian Mandarin. I love the Cotton and Italian Mandarin it just smells CLEAN. Like fresh laundry, I don’t really smell the Mandarin though. I really wish the Cotton and Italian Mandarin came in the reed diffuser. All the sprays are long lasting but not overpowering. They are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens where sometimes you need an extra boost of scent. They cover up stinky smells in both those rooms excellently.

I recommend these products whole heartedly!
Natalia I.
Delray Beach, FL
40 reviews
4 Scents of Fragrances:
1.Cotton & Italian Mandarin(Blue)
2.Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice(Red)
3.Lavender & Juniper Berry (Purple)
4.Pineapple & Mangosteen (Yellow)

There are two types of expression!
1.Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist
2.Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser

What are the differences?
Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist: Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist comes in a stylish holder and releases a longer-lasting, finer mist of fragrance. The gentle mist creates layers of true-to-life fragrance that open up note by note, eliminating odors and freshening the air. The artfully designed holder blends with your décor and can be left out, letting you have a burst of fragrance that’s always right at hand. Just squeeze the neck of the bottle to spray, and refill the holder with your favorite Glade® fragrance.
Here's a video link to this product: http://www.glade.com/en-US/Products/Pages/fragrancemist.aspx#fragrancemist

Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser: Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser releases a long-lasting fragrance for up to 30 days without needing to plug it in. The spill-proof oil diffuser infuseslayers of true-to-life scents throughout living spaces, making them feel fresh and inviting. The trendy holder matches décor perfectly, making it a convenient and stylish home-fragrancing option.
Here's a video link to this product:http://www.glade.com/en-US/Products/Pages/OilDiffuser.aspx#OilDiffuser

Can be used anywhere anytime for up to 30 days! Thank you
Brandi F.
Clermont, FL
29 reviews
Okay, let me just start by saying that I love all kinds of air fresheners, candles, diffusion, etc... Honestly, the product list for things that make your living area smell good goes on forever.
Glade does an amazing job creating pleasant smells that you would actually want to surround yourself in. (Trust me, there are some out there that are just.... yuck) But the Glade Expressions sprays and diffusers were actually a pretty big let down for me.

The spray smells nice, and really hung in the air for a while which was nice. But I noticed spraying this in my Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office where I have treated white wood flooring that this product left a definite film on the floor. I was entertaining an old friend and her shoes left sort of dirty smudge marks in the film which I had to completely re-clean after she left. Never had that problem before, so I would not consider purchasing this spray again.

The diffusers are quite cute, though I normally prefer the reed and bottle type to evenly spread the smell around the room. I had no real complaint about these besides their surprising short lived lives. Definitely did not last as long as the 30+ days promised.
Ashleigh I.
55 reviews
The spray works pretty well and I like them.The room lingers with the smell for a good amount of time.When it comes to the actual mist there is no difference in preformance compared to the other lines glade has.I do like the packaging its more modern and pretty looking but I personally don't see the point or need for it.I'm just fine using the regular sprays that glade carries, they have more fragrances to choose from. There are only 4 scents to choose from in this line.I also had a hard time getting a hold of the starter kit every time I went to the store I would find refills only.

Now as for the oil diffusers,it's kind of a waste. I prefer using a regular oil diffuser with reeds. You get more for your money and it last much much longer. I currently have the pineapple mangosteen one in my bedroom and I love the scent but I could only smell the scent for 2 days and then the smell was gone. So that is pretty disappointed. If they sold oil and reed diffusers with all their scents then I would deffinetely try those out.
Yolanda R.
15 reviews
Bottle holder of the mist without the wrapping, its too cute... much much better.. It was a bit hard to mist out though by holding the bottle but i am a wimp unlike many other people so this part of the review is not that much of a difference. The scent is great and long lasting so fresh and sweet!

I have to say... i love the oil diffuser. I was worried that i wasn't going to like it, that it was just a waste of money. I have purchased many read diffusers and none really work.. the new box had 3 little holes to take a sniff of the scent, but i have to say when i sniffed i smelled nothing, i thought. oh well its free! what more can i ask for.. so i headed to the counter with that and my mist (which by the way doesn't look that great when you first see it either) I got home thinking where oh were will i put this??? i put the read diffuser in the middle of the living room and a few minutes later my WHOLE room was smelling just FANTASTIC!! i was impressed.. TOTALLY impressed.. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone who love smelly good stuff!
Callie C.
Hilliard, OH
177 reviews
I purchased the oil diffuser and room mist in pineapple mangosteen and fell in love with the scent. It smells very true to life and not of chemicals, which I've found to be the case with most other room fragrances. The diffuser, in the beginning, is strong enough to overpower a small bathroom, but perfect for kitchens and living areas. The design is perfect for inconspicuous display and should fit in with just about any home decor. The only downside to the diffuser is that it starts out very strong and fades quickly. I got about two weeks of noticeable use out of this before I couldn't smell it in the air anymore. The room mist, however, has been a hit. The bottle is designed to have the wrapper removed for display and the bottle itself is very sleek and vase-like. The scent is, again, very true to life and not overpowering. It leaves a light tropical aroma in both large and small rooms. Overall, I love this collection, but I wish the oil diffuser lasted longer.
Amber B.
Raceland, LA
150 reviews
I love the look of the Glade Expressions oil reed diffuser. I have tried the Pineapple Mangosteen and Lavender & Juniper Berry and the Pineapple Mangosteen is my favorite scent. The Pineapple Mangosteen is not a sweet smell like you might associate with pineapples. The Lavender & Juniper Berry has a spice smell that I really didn't care for. The diffuser is very easy to use and requies no batteries and has no plug. It is also refillable which is a plus. The smell is very strong at first but fades quickly. I would hae given this product an A++ if the smell would last longer that a week. All in all worth a buy
Kanisha R.
Oak Creek, WI
11 reviews
I have not personally tried the oil diffusers so this is strictly about the sprays, and seeing how this is about well air freshener it won't be that long of a review.

The Pros: Great scents that aren't in other brands(well sort of not), Staying power(didn't have to spray the rooms again for a couple of days), The mist(it's almost as if the mist is what makes the smell explode in the room), and lastly the size(it's about the same size as other brands but because of its staying power I would say that the bottle I still have will last me about 3-4 weeks compared to my couple of days-1 week with the other ones would last.)

The Cons: The Packaging(They say it's done that way so ou can take the label of and display it in your home... no thanks), The smell(now this one is both a pro and a con, because the smells are so strong that the can really brighten up a room, but if you are not careful and you spray to much, the room might just spontaasnely erupt. Just spary a little at first and see where that gets you and this con not be a con for you.)
Chelsi D.
76 reviews
They come with refills and starter kits. The starter kits are fantastic. Easy to find, easy to use and great prices. They are very cutely designed to match in with the rest of your home decor. There is not the biggest selection of frgrances, but there is Cotton & Italian Mandarin, Pineapple & Mangosteen, Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice, and lastly Lavender & Juniper Berry. They do come out with limited edition scents for fall, winter etc. The spray is 100% natural and they are not formulated with phthalates (which is like an acid chemical they add to plastic, YUCK!). use mine in my kitchen, living room and bathroom. They are such a light fragrance and smell wonderful. I get compliments on the smell of my house all the time! I think my favorite part about the sprays is that the cans are recyclable!!
Jessica M.
Hesperia, CA
53 reviews
Where do you use yours at?
Gabrielle F.
75 reviews
Which scent is your favorite?
Heather M.
21 reviews
With the unique combination of scents offered, what would be your perfect scent/combo to have created especially for you?
Star H.
Rome, GA
73 reviews
Are the scents really strong?
Rena A.
Riverview, FL
41 reviews
What winter holiday scent would you like to see?

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