Does this shampoo moisturize the hair?
Richmond, VA - il y a 3 ans

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No- it will deep cleanse it!! Squeaky clean!
il y a 4 mois
No. Atleast for my fine wavy hair it made the hair more frizzy dry and crunchy. And I could feel my hair being stripped of any moisture in the shower itself! Maybe good for ppl who ise a lot of products bcoz it does get hair and scalp squeaky clean.
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I would most definitely use the conditioner. The shampoo alone will not moisturize very much.
il y a un an
Shampoos are meant to clean the hair,that being said this is a clarifying shampoo in my cleans the hair ,squeaky clean but not overly stripped..use a deep conditioner after using it to make it feel moisturized..
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No. It’s more of a clarifying shampoo. If you use a moisturizing conditioner after, like any of the moisturizing Giovanni ones, your hair will be EXTREMELY soft after! The shampoo alone won’t soften it.
il y a 2 ans