Does this cologne smell similar to any others? If so, what ones?
Philadelphia, PA - il y a 3 ans

4 answers

The closest colognes to georgeio armani aqua di absolu is Wanted by Night - by Azzaro And Robert Graham's Courage
il y a 2 ans
My fiance is a hard-core fan of Jean Paul Gaultier (sp) and he has been using this cologne since I received it. It lasts all day on him. I love the smell. It doesnt smell like anything I have been around.
il y a 3 ans
When i asked my hubby he said he couldn't think of a similar cologne that he would compare it to. He's 54 and has been through lots of bottles Lol! The scent seems to change throughout the day on him. From spicy to a more clean scent. Wish I had a better answer for u. =(
il y a 3 ans
It smells sort of similar to the Men’s Hollister cologne if that helps. My husband is a fan of Adidas moves for him and he also likes this.
il y a 3 ans