Can anyone recommend this ?
Aberlady, East Lothian - il y a 2 ans

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Hey everyone, just wanted to know if I have to use it every day to keep my frizz at bay? I wash my hair twice a week so will my hair stay tame until I wash?
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Thank you. I will need to invest in one x
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I love it. It’s a time saver and game changer/ my hair is so course and frizzy and I loved how easy it was to use and how good my hair looked
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I do for smooth and straight hair 8n fraction of the time. It's good for mornings before going to work. Tried other brushes and what distinctive this one from other the ability to give a natural look rather pin straight ends. You can still get the pin straight ends if you wish but if you twist it as glide towards the end you can get a nice curl or results similar to blow dry. The only downside of this it's the price, which is not unusual for GHD products. I prefer GHD to other brands for the finish it gives, smooth and shiny hair.
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