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Georgette Klinger Vitamin C Mask

Georgette Klinger Vitamin C Mask


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Feels so refreshing. I love her products, I have used since 1979. All natural. It helps to rejuvenate my face. Makes my face feel younger.
Honestly I really love this product the packaging the fact that it’s a pump and a mouse like texture makes it easier to apply, it’s not messy to apply or take off. I recently added it to my nighttime routine twice a week, and I feel like I instantly see a result my face definitely looked brighter.
This product is AMAZING ! From the packaging to the texture to the qualities 😘. The texture feels like mud which gives you the sense of a mud mask but it’s actually a clay mask, LOOOVE IT ! Super light and fluffy so it does not feel heavy or thick on the skin. The mask definitely does what it says it does and for me that is more than ENOUGH. Found my go to mask and there’s no way I’m going to switch unless it’s sold out or discontinued lol 10/10 recommend this product and best part it’s for ALL SKIN TYPES, say whaaaaa!
Do you enjoy doing your own "spa" treatments at home? What's your favorite thing to do and what's your go to brands?
Georgette Klinger Vitamin C Mask ? At what point in your facial care routine can I include this mask?
Iss this mask good for sensitive skin and does is noticeably draw out impurities? Georgette Klinger Vitamin C Mask ?
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