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GEODEO Natural Deodorant with Detox Complex
3 varieties available

GEODEO Natural Deodorant with Detox Complex


3.2 out of 5 stars
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  • 1 Star6%
3.27 / 5 based on 519 Reviews

Product Description

Dive into deep freshness. GEODEO® Natural Deodorant Plus Detox Complex™ uses breakthrough eco-technology to help cleanse your pores, releasing the daily buildup of toxins. Reach a new level of purity which keeps you fresh from the inside out for 24-hour odor protection. Naturally-derived invisible solid goes on dry, clear and smooth, leaving no stains or residue. - volcanic minerals + icelandic algae fights impurities - enzymes neutralize odors - bamboo + aloe nourish skin - vitamin e fights free radicals Specially formulated to be safe for your body and your world. The base ingredients in GEODEO® are 100% natural, allergen-free, vegetable based and derived from renewable resources. Main ingredient approved by NPA and EcoCert. This deodorant contains no harmful aluminums, phthalates, parabens or propylene glycol. GEODEO® uses eco-technology to reduce greenhouse emissions and reduce energy consumed up to 50% compared to other deodorant sticks. Available in U.S.: Duane Reade, Kinney Drugs,all Florida Whole Foods Market locations, and coming in September to Meijer stores. Available in Canada: Walmart Canada Stores. Available online: Mygeodeo.com, Amazon.com, Drugstore.com and Vitacost.com. see more...

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GEODEO Natural Deodorant with Detox Complex
GEODEO Natural Deodorant with Detox Complex
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  • "The product smells great, love that it's natural, yet doesn't last long enough for me, have to re apply and I didn't stay too fresh with this one." in 43 reviews
  • "This deodorant is great smelling, great texture and goes on nicely, and doesn't leave white marks on clothes, but it does not last long." in 27 reviews
  • "might not work for everyone migght need to reply apply many times daily i only use it once a day and it works perfecty smells amazing" in 18 reviews
  • "I was really optimistic because it smelled really good, but that didn't last very long and I had to switch back to my original. " in 15 reviews
  • "I really liked the idea of a natural deodorant and I loved the scent of this one, but I just didn't feel protected when wearing it." in 13 reviews
Quaneisha R.
Stockbridge, GA
11 reviews
It has been quite some time since I originally tried this product and it is still my favorite natural brand. It can be purchased conveniently at Walmart now. LOL. I LOVED the smell and the protection wasn't too bad. It doesn't last quite 24 hours, but it got me through most days. As with any natural deodorant, there may be times when a "wash and reapply" is necessary. That won't keep me from purchasing it again, though.
Kirbylynn W.
Marysville, MI
35 reviews
Love the smell, and love the fact that it doesn't include any aluminum or other cancer-causing ingredients. It works very well as a deodorant, but it is NOT an antiperspirant. Would not be suitable to use with tops with sleeves, because you will sweat, although it will nod smell.
SheSoTang17 ..
16 reviews
I give this two thumbs down and two nostrils clinched. This stuff does nothing for me & I’m not an underarm sweater at all! I tried this stuff every day for 2 weeks straight & it just didn’t protect me. I had to constantly reapply it during the day until I wised up & started bringing along my regular deodorant as backup but who wants to have to back up their deodorant; not me buddy! This is an invisible solid alright, invisible as in its not there at all! Upon first use, it was hard to go on. It didn’t glide on. I had to rub it vigorously back & forth on my hand or arm to get it going enough to apply. Then when I put it on, it was like nothing was going on. So day 1, it put me in a bit of a pickle after about 3 hours of sitting at my desk all morning at the computer. I didn’t exert any energy during that time other than typing on my computer, leaning back & stretching in my chair, doing whirly whirl turns in my office chair, and playing Hearts on my cell phone. So at lunch time, I had to drive home, wash, & reapply. During the first week, I wasn’t carrying my backup deodorant so I had to go home every day during lunch & do the wash & reapply. So after two straight weeks (14 days total including weekends), it still wasn’t working for me so I gave up. I am not an underarm sweater & have never had underarm odor until I used this stuff. My regular deodorant is so good, that when I use it, I can shower & not put any more on the next day & I’m still fresh. Maybe, it’s just that my skin has gotten used to my deodorant but I did give this a good try. It just doesn’t work. I was actually shocked when I smelled it wasn’t working, because I had never smelled an odor on me before so I was like, what is that smell & I was actually looking around & sniffing around to find out where the scent was coming from because I didn’t know it was me! It’s not funny so stop laughing. I was caught high & un-dry! Well actually, I was never wet underarm using this when it failed; I was always dry but just had a scent. Oh well, never again!!!!!!
Amy M.
Hodges, SC
44 reviews
This is the product I was most excited to receive in my VoxBox. I'll preface this by saying that I am hard to please with deodorants. Up until a year ago, I exclusively used clinical strength antiperspirants, because I couldn't seem to find anything else that worked. In the past year, I have given almost all of my beauty supplies a complete overhaul to get rid of the chemicals (switching to homemade soaps, shampoos, etc.), and while the side effects / ingredients of most antiperspirants and deodorants were especially scary, that has been the hardest struggle. I have tried all of the homemade deodorant recipes out there, only to find that they irritated my skin or didn't provide good odor protection.

Please note that this is a DEODORANT instead of an antiperspirant. That means that it is supposed to prevent odor (and bacteria), but won't necessarily prevent moisture. Antiperspirants do that by blocking your pores with harmful chemicals. That said, I have been using this product for weeks now and have not noticed as much moisture as "no-deodorant" days. The smell is very fresh, and this covers odor all day for me. The price is not bad (much better than a clinical-strength antiperspirant), and this seems so far to be fairly long-lasting.

If you are switching to this (or any natural) deodorant from chemical deodorants or especially antiperspirants, you should give your body a couple of weeks to adapt before giving up (provided you aren't getting a rash or anything!). Chemicals and aluminums in other deodorants can clog up your pores and leave lots of bacteria and undesired things in your armpits. When you stop using those chemicals, your body will need time to adjust and clean out those old chemicals before you can really tell how effective your new product is, so hang in there!

There are some downsides. The packaging isn't great -- the little plastic cap that usually protects the surface of the deodorant was lodged deep into the cap when I first opened it, and I have not been able to get it out. It makes the deodorant impossible to close fully without lowering the deodorant stick completely every time -- a flaw in design, perhaps? My other critique is of the ingredients. GeoDeo advertises that the deodorant is 97% all-natural. I read every piece of promotional information on their website, and found only that the 3% of unnatural ingredients are "necessary" for the deodorant to work, but I would love to see information on WHICH ingredients aren't all-natural, so I can do my own research as to whether or not I want them on my skin. Otherwise, I love this product.
Sarah Lee G.
Vacaville, CA
24 reviews
I have to say I was excited to try a natural version of deodorant because anytime you can remove chemicals from your life is good. When I opened it it smelled fab...like seriously totally yum! However after a weeks worth of use I passed it on to my 12 year old daughter who was dying to try it as well. I hope she has better luck, and I think she will because she hasn't been using the stronger deodorants for long.

My personal experience is that it went on clear and smelled good, however it felt very sticky and my underarm area seemed to be itchy during the week that I wore it. Also the smell faded quickly and it didn't protect me from odor. By bedtime I was ewwww stinky! I wanted to shower or throw on some of my regular deodorant but didn't want to skew my results so if I didn't have time to shower I just had to sleep with the smell. It did nothing for moisture as well. I don't really perspire regular day to day only under extreme sun/heat or exercise. However while using this deodorant I seemed to be extra sweaty even doing activities that normally wouldn't make me sweaty.

My overall experience is that I would NOT use this product again for myself. However I do feel everyone should created their own opinion as everyone's bodies are different in many ways and this product might work great for you.
Kim S.
Antelope, CA
3 reviews
The claim of the product is "...keeping you fresh for 24-hour odor protection."

When I put this deodorant on my underarms the first time, I had just shaved and it was in the evening before bed. I woke up the next morning, and things seemed just fine--no smell, no sweating under the arms, etc. I put more on before dressing to get me through the rest of the day, and it felt/smelled like it was working. It was about 85 degrees outside, I didn't work/exercise too hard, so I wasn't perspiring too, too much. Then, I used it again after a shower, in the evening. I put it on before I went to bed so it would have time to "sink in", if you know what I mean. I woke like before: without smell or perspiration. So, I put more on before I dressed. But, this time it was 95 degrees outside (usually our normal spring/summer/fall weather)... I worked at my son's preschool for 3+ hours and 18 kids in an air conditioned room. An hour or so in, I got a whiff of this odor. It was me!!! I have a BIG issue with not smelling like body odor or sweat or what not. But, it was me that had an odor!! NOT GOOD!!!

I have stopped using this product. It is too bad because I was so excited about it. When I opened the VoxBox and read about the products, this is the first one that jumped out at me that I needed to try THAT DAY!! Bummer... For me, it does not stand up to it's promise of '24-hour odor protection, keeping you fresh'... It kept me stinky...

See my full review at: http://solaceamidthechaos.Blogspot.com/2012/09/influenster-naturals-voxbox-product.html
Amy K.
Valley Glen, CA
18 reviews
I have been looking for a natural deodorant that doesn't let everyone know that there is a fungus among us when I lift my arms, or doesn't get everywhere like when I use baking soda (which does work, FYI). I had high hopes for the geodeo. While the fragrance is not something that I would normally choose, I found it intriguing and did find it pleasant. There has been a record heat wave here, so I've had ample opportunity to test this sucker out. At first, I was surprised. It was 107, I was outside for days, and I did not reek. Huzzah! But then, after my long day outdoors, I sat down, put my feet up, and rested my head in my hands behind my head, and that's when it hit me. Not my normal, somewhat pleasantly pungent BO. No, this was something new, something...mushroomy? Yet fruity? There was a cornucopia of rank odors emitting from my pits like nothing I had ever smelled before. I persisted with the stick however, guessing that I might be detoxing or, since the deodorant is designed to "fight impurities" with its random assortment of ingredients. As in, "Oh, my body's just adjusting to this stuff that works with it instead of against it to make me not smell like a 30s era steel worker after a 12-hr shift." I was wrong. If anything, after 3 weeks, my pits have just grown accustomed to smelling like a vile weed garden, so much so that it pretty much smells within 15 minutes of putting this stuff on after a shower. Perhaps my body just does not get along well with geodeo. Or, perhaps, I'll just have to stick to Dove.
Nikki L.
Hillsboro, OR
7 reviews
For some reason, natural deodorants irritate my underarms terribly. I was hoping this product would be different since it doesn't rely exclusively on mineral salts in order to hide odor.

However, this deodorant irritated me just as much as other natural deodorants I have tried. Perhaps I am sensitive to some other common ingredient. I need to figure it out, because I really want to switch away from commercial deodorants (which are all antiperspirants as well).

That aside, I didn't give this product an "F" because I'm not sure how others will fare with it. Since so many other natural deodorants on the market follow this product's format, it must be fine for most individuals.

I did really enjoy the packaging and the smell of the product itself was nice. The odor control was average, about the same for all of the other natural deodorants I have tried.

Overall this product wasn't bad, it just wasn't for me. If you're irritated by natural deodorants you might want to steer clear of this one.
Stacie M.
Croswell, MI
8 reviews
I really wanted to like this product, but it was a big let down. It went on clear, but left a sticky feeling. Every time I moved my arms I could feel my skin sticking to itself due to this deo. I have never been allergic to any skin products before, and while I didn't get a rash, this stuff just made me itch. Digging at your armpits all day isn't attractive. The biggest failure though was that in about 2 hours time I could tell that it wasn't cutting the BO. I don't have especially bad BO by any means, and even on days when all I did is work at the computer (NO remotely strenuous or even moderate activty) this deo failed to work for more than 2 hours. I actually went into the bathroom at work to wash this sticky useless stuff off, and put on my regular deodorant. It was embarassing how poorly this product worked. Considering this product claims to work for 24 hrs, the 2 hours it worked was a GIANT FAIL! I'll go back to the other million brands that are far cheaper and work much better.
Sherin A.
houston, TX
7 reviews
BOY was I excited about using this product.
I have a history of breast cancer in my family and my doctor avised me to stay away from antiprespirant deodrants as they are cancer causing. Ever since then i substituded my deo with powders lotions and sprays. This worked for me but it was a bit heavy.

I tried this product the first day i got it. That day AS SOON as i waled outside and got to my car to head out i already started noticing pit stains coming in. It did not do a good job at holding my sweat at all. I also started smelling really bad throughout the rest of my day...it was quite embarressing.

I live in HOUSTON(aka the city where its 75%humid year around)
I also work out A LOT so my pores are pretty much almost always open...

I really do love the idea of all natch deo and i would pay money for an more "advanced" version for people with larger pores or that are busier and move around more

a GeoDeoSPORT maybe? hmm...
Tas A.
12 reviews
How long does this last for you guys?
Wendy M.
Las Vegas, NV
24 reviews
Does this deodorant contain aluminium?
Kim B.
Muskego, WI
29 reviews
I don't excessively sweat so it lasted all day for me. I am not a fan of gel applications though as it leaves me feeling a bit wet!
Victoria H.
Beachwood, NJ
147 reviews
What stores can you find this brand??? I'm in Jersey and I haven't seen it anywhere
Victoria H.
Beachwood, NJ
147 reviews
What stores can you find this brand??? I'm in Jersey and I haven't seen it anywhere

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