Do you feel these are as absorbent as needed?
North Las Vegas, NV - il y a 8 ans

6 answers

They work great for my daughter and son
il y a 5 ans
When they're little and peeing every 10 minutes, it is annoying that I seem to be changing them at least once an hour (sometimes 2-4 times an hour). But that really starts changing around 6 months, and then it seems like the absorbency is much better.
il y a 5 ans
The inserts are alright, they do tend to leak a lot though.
il y a 6 ans
They work okay but I found that a folded Flour Sack Towel worked better for us. They are around $1 each and can be purchased at Walmart or Target in the household towels section. You can add a piece of stay-dry fabric like fleece on top to help prevent rashes and make baby more comfortable,
il y a 7 ans
Depends on if you have a heavy wetter or not. Ours is in between she's not a super heavy wetter, but she's not light either.. I personally prefer other brands of inserts but these are NOT bad.
il y a 7 ans
It really depends on the heaviness of your baby's pee. My daughter wasn't a super heavy pee-er, but we also changed her every 1.5 hours. It just depends on your routine and how much your little one pees.
il y a 8 ans