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It does help save money but only if you use the app correctly. I don't like that it's like having a credit card.. the money doesn't get taken out of your bank account automatically.. happened to me so I had money in my bank account when I got gas, then a few days later I didn't have money when they tried to take the money out of my bank account and then I had a delinquent account.
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Seems like my account is not working now. I have done everything you asked. Now if you could fix this it would be greatly appreciated. I am a Regional manager for a pharmaceutical company. My company has thousands of GasBuddy accounts. If mine can't get be fixed I am going to have the company discontinue all GasBuddy accounts losing your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Silly that you would want this instead of fixing an account which had been with you for years. Simply because one of your employees bullied my nephew who is autistic. I will make sure many people hear about this. They employ immature people like Cady and Nychole who like bullying people. Absolutely the worst company. Simply find another company is my advice.
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I have used GasBuddy for years but lately have experienced multiple incorrect pricings. After going way out of our way to get fuel in twice we bought it for more than we would have right close to where we were staying. Makes me want to find another source for pricing.