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Garnier Fructis Haircare Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser

based on 532 reviews

Twiigy H.
  • I bought this used it a couple times but didn't really see it working on split ends but it does wash my hair well and doesn't leave the dried feelling like other shampoos in 52 reviews.

  • Lizbeth D.
  • I use this product daily and it has worked great on my hair and its an affordable product not expensive it smells great i just love this product in 21 reviews.

  • Alex C.
  • My mom buys this for the whole family and it smells really good I personally like it and makes my hair nice and smooth . in 17 reviews.

  • Lenore B.
  • I bought them because as a dyed blonde, my hair gets really dry at times and the conditioner along with the deep conditioner is amazing. in 16 reviews.

  • Daniela M.
  • My hair is very dry and damaged from using heat.So this stuff makes my hair so smooth, moisturised and it smells amazing. in 14 reviews.

  • Heat styling tools can cause some serious damage to your hair. But, why compromise on your favourite look? Now, you don’t have to with Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser! With Phyto-Keratin® Complex and Cupauçu Butter, the unique formula reconstructs hair strength 90% from root-to-tip and prevents future damage. Hair is strong, shiny and revitalized – totally repaired. Style your hair without fear of damage! Try and love the full routine! Shampoo and conditioner reconstruct and preserve strength for strong hair that looks rejuvenated. Split Ends Bandage Serum helps to prevent split ends and reconstructs and preserves hair’s strength. Strength reconstructing butter is designed to intensely reconstruct hair’s strength for strong, rejuvenated and shiny-looking hair.


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    Allison W.

    5 influensters found this helpful

    I have not been a fa of the Garnier line for a while now due to past experiences, but I have done a COMPLETE 180 after using the products given to me from Influenster. My hair is shiny, soft, and healthy looking! Plus, it smells GREAT!

    Marie S.

    4 influensters found this helpful

    i received this item from influenster to try for free and im glad i was chosen. i haven't used garnier in a long time but i will now. my hair is soft, shiny, and the smell is awesome.

    Kate K.

    3 influensters found this helpful

    I received my VoxBox with the Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser line complimentary from Influenster. I was very exited to try this product, due to heating tools my hair in a bad shape (split ends, frizz). I love the smell of this line. The shampoo was a bit heavy for me, but the conditioner i like a lot. The most impressed i was with serum, it is transparent and only a little amount is needed to work out on the entire hair. The consistency is runny, it's very light and it does not make my hair greasy or oily. It gives my hair more softness and smoothness. After using it for a month my hair feel very soft and smooth, frizz reduced and the ends looked healthy .

    Nicole G.

    3 influensters found this helpful

    I really enjoyed this shampoo. It seemed like a premium kind of shampoo. The texture was great, and the smell was phenomenal I would buy it just for the smell. It's the small things in life that make a difference and this is one of those things.

    Tania H.

    2 influensters found this helpful

    I received a complimentary VoxBox from Influenster during a Twitter Party two weeks ago and was incredibly excited! It was my first VoxBox ever, and I got the product just this past week in the mail. I have used it twice so far. Upon first use, I did see a big difference with the look and feel of my hair. It was smoother without looking limp, shiny without looking greasy, and very soft. It felt like I didn't even have split-ends, and trust me I do. I dye my hair and flat-iron so I am prone to damage. But even after regular styling with these products, my hair looked great and it definitely felt great too. I used all the products as advised and am very happy. It claims to reconstruct the hair and that seems true as it clearly strengthens the cuticle that protects your hair from any further damage, breakage, and ensures moisture. Everything in the line smells great! The shampoo makes a great lather; the conditioner adds a lovely shine without the weight; the butter, which is to be used weekly is yummy looking (but oh my God, don't eat it!) and packs in that much needed moisture without losing any natural volume; and the band-aid serum is a charm that should be applied to the mid-section and tips of your hair. The serum adds a glossy, smooth look and an evident repair without that sticky shine. Great product, especially for this harsh, ugly and cold winter! There are only four products in this line so far, and they're all great. I would like them to introduce a Heat Tamer spray of sorts. That would be super awesome!

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    Patience G.
    Patience G.

    what other Garnier Frutis products do you like?

    3 answersSep 04 - 2014 - 8:00 a.m.
    Ashley C.
    Ashley C.

    I almost literally counted how many split ends I had before using this product and I noticed I had about half the noticeable split ends as before.

    1 answerMay 07 - 2014 - 6:48 p.m.
    Brittany S.
    Brittany S.

    Has anyone else seen huge success in damage repair?

    8 answersFeb 18 - 2014 - 1:03 p.m.
    neha s.
    neha s.

    Can anyone advise if product actually repairs hair damage, did it make hair healthier with usage

    7 answersJan 27 - 2015 - 11:37 a.m.
    Becky C.
    Becky C.

    This product is advertised as "damage eraser" did anyone notice the improvement of healthier hair?

    5 answersDec 08 - 2014 - 3:23 p.m.
    Alex C.
    Alex C.

    Who else enjoys the smell ?

    7 answersNov 28 - 2014 - 8:10 p.m.
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