Garnier Color Sensation Rich Long-Lasting Color Cream


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Shade: 5.21 - Grape Expectations​

Rich, Long Lasting Hair Color Cream With Multi-dimensional Pigments For Sensational Color

Color Sensation Is A Rich Hair Color Cream With Multi-dimensional Pigments For Sensational Color And Silky Shine And 100% Gray Coverage. The No Mess, Non-drip Cream Formula Is Easy To Apply. Plus, In Every Hair Coloring Kit, You'll Find An Easy-to-use Precision Application Brush, Perfect For Those Hard To Reach Areas Or To Ensure Clean Application Around Your Hairline.

How To Use:

Applying Color Sensation: Full Head Or Root Touch Up

Color Sensation Is A Rich, Non Drip Creme Formula With A Precision Haircoloring Brush Included For Comfortable Application.

Follow This Step-by-step Process When Applying Color At Home:

Full Head Application

1) Always Do A Skin Test 48 Hours Before.
2) Apply To Dry, Unwashed Hair.
3) Apply Gloves, Squeeze Colorant Into Developer Bottle.
4) Break Off The Tip And Shake The Bottle Vigorously.
5) Start Applying Color At The Roots, Then Away From Roots To The Tips. Use Brush For More Precision.
6) Extend Color Through The Ends, And Massage Into Hair.
7) Leave Formula On For 25 Minutes Or 30 Minutes If You Have Lots Of Gray Hair Or Resistant/Coarse Hair.
8) Massage Hair Thoroughly Before Rinsing To Optimize Rinsing Process.
9) Rinse Hair Thoroughly Until Water Runs Clear.
10) Apply Conditioner After Color And Leave On For Two Minutes, Then Rinse Thoroughly.

Root Touch Up Application

1) Always Do A Skin Test 48 Hours Before.
2) Apply To Dry, Unwashed Hair.
3) Apply Gloves, Squeeze Colorant Into Developer Bottle.
4) Break Off The Tip And Shake The Bottle Vigorously.
5) Start Applying Color At The Roots, Using The Brush For More Precision.
6) Leave Formula On For 20 Minutes Or 35 Minutes If You Have Lots Of Gray Hair Or Resistant/Coarse Hair.
7) Spread The Remaning Mixture Through Your Ends And Leave On For An Additional 5 Minutes.
9) Rinse Hair Thoroughly Until Water Runs Clear.
10) Apply Conditioner After Color And Leave On For Two Minutes, Then Rinse Thoroughly.

Ingredients: Aqua / Water / Eau, Paraffinum Liquidum / Mineral Oil / Huile Minerale, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ethanolamine, Steareth-20, Ammonium Hydroxide, Steareth-2, Polyquaternium-6, Sodium Metabisulfite, Parfum / Fragrance, 5-amino-6-chloro-o-cresol, Toluene-2,5-diamine, Erythorbic Acid, Edta, Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil, 2,4-diaminophenoxyethanol Hcl, Thioglycerin, Tocopherol, Fil Code     D212537/2

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Garnier Color Sensation Rich Long-Lasting Color Cream
Garnier Color Sensation Rich Long-Lasting Color Cream
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Jean-Mari S.
Talmo, GA
140 reviews
First of all, I was really stoked to see that Garnier now has bold color dyes. It's pretty awesome and the color selection is not shabby either. It cooould expand, but the colors that are included are pretty gorgeous. AND THIS PURPLE! WOW. I was so happy to see that I got this cool toned purple in my Voxbox!

I've used Garnier dyes plenty of times, and like before there just was not enough for me in one box. SO, I dyed my roommates short hair instead ( and I have silver and purple hair anyway so.. Yeah). Now, this was quite a battle. We ended up having to bleach her black hair twice for this. She had really liiight blonde and super light orange hair by then. But by what the box said, it would have been fine. Well.... It wasn't. But let me back up just a little and complain about my biggest issue first:

YOU CAN NOT SEE WHERE YOU HAVE PUT DYE AND WHERE YOU HAVE NOT. It takes THAT long for the dye to be anything but white (actually transparent after application). So I was sitting there panicking about what parts I've missed, what parts actually have dye on them, and if there's going to be enough for the entire duration of application. Super stressful if you don't have extra dye on the side to help save you in that kind of situation.

Well we ended up having JUST the right amount, luckily. Got excited again. But here's the thing: Her super light ginger colored areas did not dye purple. They turned brown. All the light blonde areas turned purple. And all the super white areas turned blue. Now I would say she just needs to rock it that way because she can pull it off if she tried. But really, she does not want the brown in there and it's a disappointment even for me to look at. I will say though, that the purple and especially blue areas were GORGEOUS!

So, overall I'd say the application sucks and the variety of hair shades this would even work properly on is disappointing. But other than that, I'm still pretty happy with this new direction Garnier is going in and the selection of colors makes me smile. If I had enough to do my own hair it would probably have turned out magnificent. Definitely something I would try out if I saw it in store. Even with me preferring demi-dyes over permanent.

Oh and the addition of the brush is great. That little thing is so cute and works well too.
Maha I.
Apex, NC
69 reviews
Background: My hair is very fine, and very thin, a light-medium brown, and short- a little above shoulder length. I have only ever dyed my hair twice, once was a balayage using fantasy colors, the second time was to dye all of my hair a uniform color close to my original after the original colors faded, just while the faded strands grew out. I have never used a box dye before, and was very apprehensive to have my first time be a fantasy color, but I have always wanted purple hair, and took this as a sign to go for it! 

I don't care for the packaging one way or another, it didn't wow me and it didn't turn me away- I would probably glance over it in the store the same as any other. When I opened the kit, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that I had everything I needed in the kit, including gloves. The instructions were clearly written out and easy to follow. While I personally read the directions thoroughly out of an abundance of caution, I did notice that the warning about not leaving the bottle capped/closed after mixing was nowhere near the step in the instructions about mixing, and intuitively I would have assumed it would be a good idea to leave it capped while I shake it, and would have done so if I had not spotted the warning elsewhere on the sheet. 

The actual process of prepping the dye was very easy, and the application/waiting process was very simple and easy to follow. The dye didn't cause a stain that couldn't be removed with a little makeup remover wipe, and did not stain my shower/sink/bath, I just rinsed it as I went. The conditioner was AMAZING. It left my hair feeling better than it had been BEFORE I colored it, and I was expecting the coloring to leave my hair a little dry. 

This color went on top of my natural hair color, with no lightening, so I was not expecting vibrant purple hair as pictured on the box. And while it was true that it was nowhere near as light and bright, it was actually much more flattering in my opinion, and in fact a more flattering color than my natural brown on me personally. I was extremely pleased with how it turned out, and while it's not necessarily obvious that my hair is purple, you can definitely see it outside and under the right lighting. I received so many compliments on it when people did notice! 

As far as staying power, it did not last well at all, HOWEVER, I expected that from purple dye. I've done my research on coloring in the past just because I wanted to know if it was worth the cost to get a fantasy color in more than just highlights/balayage, and I learned that purple dye is the most finicky and least likely to last out of any unnatural color. So I can't attest to the general staying power of the dyes, because my color is a bit of an exception. For me, with adequate care (I shampooed infrequently, and used a color-safe shampoo/conditioner from OGX, the orchid one I believe), it stayed true to color for one week, became less intense the second week, was very faded by the third week, and effectively gone by the fourth week. I'm in week 5, and I can still tell that I'm not quite back to my natural color, but it's definitely gone as far as anyone else is concerned. 

With all that being said, this product is at such a reasonable price point, and with a great quality as far as how it looked when it was all said and done, that even with it fading quickly, I am already planning to repurchase it. Even while it was fading, it was flattering (at least for my shade). 10/10 would recommend to a friend, at least for my color! 
Steffanie R.
Lakeland, FL
89 reviews
I received this hair dye from Influenster for free to test out and write a honest review. I had never tried anything from Garnier before, as this being my first time I was excited and a bit nervous for the turn out. I bleached my hair as it had been a dark brown. Bleached it twice and it came out to a light brown blonde. When I mixed the color cream with the developer I did notice it did not have the purple color but instead was white, I found this interesting and went with it. Come to find out it's like a heat reacting color I'd say because as I was applying after a minute it went from white to purple. I have a pixie cut and one box did the job with a little left over. I let my color sit for 3 hours. I used the conditioner it came with, made my hair super soft. Color stayed in, but if I would have bleached my hair till it was blonde I believe the purple would have been more intense. The color came out more looking just dark with only hints of purple with a red tint and mostly seen only in light. I am still rather impressed with this dye. Would love to try out more colors. Would definitely recommend trying out. Garnier Color Sensation Rich Long-Lasting Color Cream
Maria S.
Wilmington, DE
103 reviews
Garnier Color Sensation Rich Long-Lasting Color Cream

I want to start by saying that I have used other Garnier products in the past, and have been pleased with the results. This is not one of those times. I don't hate this dye, but I certainly don't love it.

My hair, pre-dye, was a mixture of dark brown virgin hair at the roots, light brown / dark blonde below that, and light blonde beneath that. My ends were bright purple from another dye. I removed the other fashion dye from the rest of my hair.

Now it begins! I opened the box, pulled out the insert, and read over the standard directions and patch test warnings that were very thorough and perfectly worded for both pros and newbies alike. Then, I saw them... those horrible plastic wrap-type gloves that make me shriek in horror when I see them included in home kits. Strike one.

Either way, I mixed the dye up according to said directions, and was a little taken aback when I saw how little product there was. My hair is shoulder-length, but very thick, so this might be enough for someone with more normal textured hair. Since my ends were already bright purple from another guy I decided to just forgo doing my ends all together to make sure everything else was fully saturated.

Dye, tie up hair, set a timer, wait, then rinse. You know, the usual.

After rinsing my hair, it came time to add the packet of conditioner. Now when your hands are all slick from the water and the dye rinsing, the last thing you want to fight with is a slippery packet. I wish it were mandatory that all conditioner packets came with a screw off lid or a top you could just snap off. Anyhow, I eventually gave up trying to tear off the corner of the packet, ended up using my teeth, I hate that feeling... it makes me skeeve so hard. Strike two.

The conditioner was not good. My hair felt like a cheap cotton ball had a baby with a Brillo pad, which is not how you want your hair... ever. I recommend a deep conditioning treatment after using this product.

My dark brown roots did not take, but that is no one's fault because it clearly states that dark brown hair will not do so on the box. The dark blonde hair looked more of a winey purple, and the light blonde turned out to be a true grape. None of the colors looks like the swatches on the box. The color is patchy, which I find surprising from Garnier. I will include a picture and tried to cut out as much of my roots and already dyed ends as possible so you can see the Ombre from light brown/dark blonde to light blonde and the patchiness.

Final thoughts... If you really want brightly colored hair, I recommend trying out a conditioning demi-permanent or semi-permanent dye rather than something that was as damaging as this. If you are really into Garnier, I would recommend trying out hair dye in one of their other lines. If you really really really have your heart set on trying this particular dye, I recommend getting two boxes to ensure full coverage and to minimize patchiness, and then purchasing a literal ton of conditioner to use afterwards.

Please note, that I received this product for free from Influenster to try out and review, but the opinions contained therein are 100% my own.
Jessica M.
Clementon, NJ
67 reviews
Garnier Color Sensation Rich Long-Lasting Color Cream I was excited to give this a try. I decided to use it on my two daughters since me hair is already purple. My oldest daughter had a bleached streak and my younger wanted her natural ends colored. This dye failed miserably on both. My daughter’s virgin hair shows no sign of color. My other daughter with the bleached area looks patchy and washed out at best. This kit smells absolutely amazing and did leave their hair very soft but that about it. I’m pretty disappointed. I thought we would at least be able to get a little tint of real color.
Cassandra W.
110 reviews
First off, I did receive this hair dye for free from Influenster to review. I'm finally able to get my review because of course I got with pneumonia about a week after I received it. Go figure.

Anyway, I have to say I have been impressed with the staying power of the purple. Originally, my hair is bleached and was a very faded pink color before I applied the purple. On a side note, while most hair dyes have a tendency to irritate my skin like crazy, I did not have too much trouble with this one as long as I kept it away from my roots so bonus!

The purple when first applied wasn't as vibrant as I was expecting from the pictures. I know that a previous color underneath affects this, but I have had good luck with switching back and forth from pink and purple with other brands with no issues. Anyway, while it wasn't as vibrant as I was hoping it was still a decent purple color. And I will say this, the purple has faded to a medium shade of purple but it has held there with no further fading for the last two weeks which is awesome! Usually I would have had to reapply already, but I'm good with how it looks for right now. 

Oh, and I have had ZERO issues with color washing out or staining anything after that first time of washing my hair. This hair dye is definitely worth giving a try. 
Tivonia B.
Southfield, MI
98 reviews
I’m not sure I love this. I was sent the Garnier Color Sensations complimentary to test and review. Application wasn’t bad though it was weird for me to mix the color in developer and then apply. I normally get a different brand so that’s not a step I’m used to. The smell wasn’t bad but still smelled like chemically so I’m not a huge fan of that. Prior to applying the color my hair was light teal with blonde as my previous color was fading. I think it did a great job covering up my fading color but I don’t get a ton of vibrant grape It came out almost a dark purple black so it’s hard for it to show on my hair without light. I’m not sure how long the color last, generally mine takes 3+ months to fade and that’s with washing my hair daily in hot showers so I’ll review again as it begins to fade. Overall I thought it was okay but I’m not blown away enough to switch from my regular hair dye to this.****UPDATE: its been a couple of weeks the color hasn’t changed to much but I think it’s getting a little lighter as I had someone compliment me on the color today it still seems pretty dark to me but apparently other ppl can see it’s purple****UPDATE AS OF 5/2/18 the color has officially faded it’s a really light blonde lilac it’s not very pretty to be honest when it fades.
Crystal W.
Rochester, PA
241 reviews
I received Garnier Color Sensations Grape Expectations free for testing purposes. I already had purple hair for the last year but used a Demi-permanent color that fades with every wash, so I was excited to try something new and permanent. I’ve never been able to find unnatural shades in permanent dyes. I’ll start by saying it smells great, which is nice because the smell of typical dyes can be overwhelming. I started applying to my roots and the washed out areas near my roots, and then applied to the areas that had faded from washing. The color of my roots is perfect! They’re naturally a dirty brown color and it covered them great! However, the areas that were already faded purple actually kind of stripped the color and turned it more of an aquamarine shade. I do actually love the varying shades of color in my hair now, however, that was not the intended effect. I was hoping for all over purple, although I wasn’t sure what to expect as the box does show it won’t cover darker previously dyed colors. I did not think it would lighten it and change the color entirely. I would recommend this product if you’re looking for a change and you are working with natural unprocessed hair.
Kimberley S.
Mystic, CT
82 reviews
I received this product complimentary from Influenster and all opinions are my own. This product was a little disappointing but I’ll start with the positives. The smell was not overpowering. Some hair dyes knock you off your rocker with the fumes and this did not. Application was relatively easy with the included brush and the conditioner provided was enough for a full head of hair. Now for the negatives. The color on the box was very promising and it was being applied to blonde hair. The vibrant purple on the box really became a lilac on the hair. Not that it wasn’t a pretty color, it just wasn’t what was promised. The developer in this product also seemed awfully high. Overall, I would not purchase this product.
Danielle L.
105 reviews
I was excited to receive this hair dye for free from Garnier and Influenster to try and write a review. The first thing we noticed was how great it smelled. It smelled like roses, I was a little nervous about that because Im allergic to most flowers but the smell didn't irrirate me at all. My friend said it was very easy to apply on my hair. We started to get worried that we wouldn't have enough dye because my hair is long and thick, fortunately we literally had just enough to get the job done. It didn't smell like chemicals at all and was very easy to wash out. I decided to just put it on without bleaching my hair and I love how it looks. Garnier Color Sensation Rich Long-Lasting Color Cream #gotitfree #influenster #garnier
Kannah C.
Utica, NY
44 reviews
How well does this work on dark hair?

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