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garmin vivofit jr 2...
8 Reviews
3 / 5
I loved these for my kid at first, but I will say the screens are dull/dark and small. Also the battery does not last a year, we're on battery replacement 2 in the same year. For the price I did expect a bit more in the way of usable features for my kiddo. It also has difficulties from time to time syncing up.
5 / 5
This thing is so cool! My daughter loves wearing hers and tracking her steps and marking chores off in the app. I love that I can set alarms for her for when chores need to be done and I can see how well she is sleeping, too! Highly recommend for health conscious families with kids.
5 / 5
They were so good when it broke after 2 years. Replaced it with next day shipping no questions asked. During the time that it was working my son loved it. The rewards system is awesome too. We would definitely use them again and again. Phenomenal customer service and quality.
5 / 5
We just got this watch for my daughter because shes been asking for one and this couldn't have been more perfect for her. She is 8 years old and the cute little challenges that they offer are absolutely adorable. Yesterday she was running up and down the stairs just to get daisy the duck to buy flowers! Even better it was on clearance at Meijer!
5 / 5
This product is absolutely amazing! I have the app hooked up to my phone so it shows me all the activity and stuff my daughter is doing. We originally purchased this because it was waterproof🎉! It's so much more than just waterproof lol. You can add chores that your child is suppose to do and it will alert them when it's time. You don't even have to ask them to do it anymore it just gets done! I would highly suggest this watch its amazing :)
5 / 5
Bought ones similar to this for my kids and we all love them! I love the reward system for doing chores and they love the challenge! Great fitness watch for kids
5 / 5
These are great watches for kids! I can’t believe how well they really do work and are really cheap on amazon. They have lots of different designs, and they are waterproof in case they get wet and stay charged for a year! Will buy again!
4 / 5
Easy to use for children. Has rewards to motivate them. Water proof and has parents controlled app.