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Trying to find good one that works. What do you think about this one? Or any recommendations? Thank you
HooW good is this?? Can you use it while breastfeeding?
Whole Foods carries this and I want to know how fast and we’ll it works?
Do these really make it to your gut?
Have been interested in a new probiotic can anyone recommend another brand
How has this helped? What is the difference between this and a regular probiotic? Did you notice a difference?
I’ve been thinking about taking probiotics to help whatever is going on with my stomach. I’ve always like this brand and feel that they provide quality items. What are your thoughts on this brand?
I have been taking the raw probiotic for vaginal health for about 9 days now. Everything had been going great then out of nowhere, just this past Tuesday, I experience SEVERE stomach pains. Breaking out into a sweat, shaking, stomach churning. I took my probiotic around 10am and it started at 11 and lasted about an hour. I thought it was a freak thing until it happened again today. Shortly after the probiotic. I did eat a breakfast this time around, but it still happened. Tomorrow I'm not going to take the probiotic and see if anything is different. Just wondering if you had any advice. Does this happen with probiotics? Should I completely stop taking it? I'm at a loss. I've taken probiotics for intestinal health before and had no problems.
What are the health benefits to taking a daily probiotic? I