Galenic - Galenic Elancyl Svelt Sense Coffret- for Women

by Galenic

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Activ'Slimming Massage Glove + massage gel for shower - Infiltrated cellulite Pain sensation upon pinching - Visible slimming efficacy for 4 weeks Skin is smoother 94% Skin is toned 92% - Stimulate, drain and firm Massage technique developed by physiotherapists. Beauty Expertise: By combining massage with the ELANCYL decongesting anti-cellulite gel, you will multiply the anti-cellulite, toning and firming results. Adopt the massage technique developed by physiotherapists, specially designed to better smooth dimples and decongest infiltrated tissues. It entails the use of a glove and a gel: - The glove is specially designed for a specific massage that stimulates the microcirculation, enhances cellular exchange, and aids water and toxin elimination. - The gel delivers decongesting, firming and toning anti-cellulite agents. This combination of glove, shower gel and massage will make your body feel lighter, and your skin smooth, firm and more toned. Innovation: - Caffeine (patented): Caffeine is a slimming active substance which ELANCYL laboratories were the first to reveal its potential of lipolyse stimulation (fat destocking). Caffeine and its different salt are precious active substances to make cells destocking fat which contains. - Hawkweed: drains water and toxin. - HMC (Hespéridine Methyl Chalcone): favours firmness, suppleness and tone. Results: Visible effects for 4 weeks: Skin is smoother: 94% Skin is firmer: 98% Skin is drained: 91.7% Directions: To be used once a day, in the shower, for 4 weeks and followed with a manual massage performed on dry skin (respecting the recommended technique). Size: 200 Ml tube + Massager

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