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Fusion Diet Systems Pure Garcinia Cambogia 800mg, Capsules

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Most that is lost from weight (numbers) is water and part cleansing. This may help for few but not many because of body chemistries and metabollic processes. It also may be unhealthy because it just creates a full feeling not allowing you to give your body the nutrients needed because you just dont feel hungry. Your body can however be trained to burn fat cells with proper diet. And as a health teacher and life coach, I can say that does not mean being in the gym for many hours. I was able to drop 15 lbs in 3 months and have not gained it back, but NOT while trying any Garcinia products.
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I have a good diet and I keep a good fitness program to start with. So when I decided to try this pills to help get to the next level. And sadly I was very disappointed. I didn't lose weight I stayed the same. Nothing changed.
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1 / 5
I tried these to lose weight and nothing changed. I ate clean and worked out when I had a chance but I stayed exactly the same.