What is the best way to drink aloe vera juice plain or mixed with something else?
Madison, AL - il y a 8 ans

3 answers

Plain or with some honey.
il y a 2 ans
Independently, ConsumerLab.com said it had Fruit of the Earth brand Aloe Vera 100% Gel tested using nuclear magnetic resonance and found no evidence of aloe, while a competing brand, Aubrey Organics, did contain the markers that indicate aloe. ConsumerLab said it tested a dozen aloe products, including pills and juices, and just half the items appeared to meet the claims on their labels.
il y a 3 ans
I used to mix it with honest kids juice (less sugar) cut with seltzer! make sure you start off with smaller amounts though because it can give you a tummy ache if you drink too much at once!
il y a 6 ans