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Thank you Bridget! I've been searching the net to get these exact answers and found none! One showed it had aloin but am grateful you called and found the answer as I ve has IBS and severe nausea and constipation since I was 16, I'm now 42 and this is the only thing I feel immediate relief from. Also allowing me to finish most foods I couldn't.  Since a child I've been on and off antibiotics more than a person could. Have seen many gastrointestinal specialist and all resulted in a waste of gas with no real help or even suggestions.  It wasn't til I looked into aloe vera gel juice and what it does did I question the possible side affects of taking Friut of the Earth Aloe Vera Juice, leaving me frantic to find answers as the bottle doesn't state what you have confirmed. I thought I would be brought to thier very own website, yet only reviews and places you can buy it from, scared I was drinking to more damage than health. These were the biggest components that would or would not make this safe. If you could share the number for others to call for peace of mind that would be great! Thank you!
il y a 2 ans
I just called Fruit of the Earth and spoke with Rita and she stated that to meet California's PROP 65 ... #1 yes it is decolorized and #2 that is is purified to remove Aloin (also known as Aloe latex or Anthraquinones) which is the thin layer of yellow sap that separates the outer rind from the inner gel-like portion of the leaf and acts as the laxative component which can be harsh on the body.
il y a 3 ans