Dani B.
asked a question about Friends
Have you watched the Friends Reunion? What did you think?
Bolingbrook, IL - il y a un an

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I personally liked it, it brought back so many memories. I know they had to squeeze as much as they could into this segment but I kinda wish they brought back other people as guest who were actually featured in the sitcom other than Lady Gaga. I mean I love her but it wouldve been great too see others in there aswell.
il y a 9 mois
Im dying to watch this however im not sure what to watch it on but I have been told its amazing
il y a 10 mois
Loved it and after watching makes me even sadder that Aniston and Schwimmer never had a thing in real life
il y a un an
It made me sad, to see the passage of time!
il y a un an
It was cute i thought but Paul Rudd should have been there and I wish it was longer I think
il y a un an