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5 / 5
I love the clothes from this store even though they are on the Pricier side I think their quality is amazing and their clothes are so unique. Highly recommend 
5 / 5
I used to work in a boutique selling Free People and their side brands such as Very Volatile. I loved them then and I love them now. Although expensive, certain things are worth it. Having seen the retail side of it, it’s still workshop clothing and Hoenstly should probably be sold alongside Target prices if not cheaper. Half of their shipments have such big manufacturing errors that you have to send them back for replacements. There’s zero quality control and after having seen that it truly makes me wonder. That said, some of the staples in my closet are Ftee People and I’ve had them for about 8 years now and they hold up. If it weren’t for the sour taste about seeing their cheaply produced products that don’t make the cut, I’d be even more in love. That said, I still seek out Free People, but never brand new. I love depop and thriftiness Free People, because you know it’s one of their products that will last.
4 / 5
Their stores are always clean and beautifully decorated but usually have to traverse straight to the sales rack because their prices are on the higher side


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How affordable are their products?
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