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Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub
Frank Body

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub


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I am not a coffee lover. I do not like the taste or smell. I received this as a gift and I really like it. Left my body very smooth and lasted a few days. A few things I did not like. I did not like the packaging. Hard to not get the inside wet when trying to get product out. Also it makes a mess in the shower.
packaging is so very pretty and smells amazing. works wonders before shaving and leaves skin feeling so smooth after a shower. great for dry or rough skin with weekly use. only a little is needed for exfoliating so lasts a long time. doesn't dry out super fast and is so easy to find being at target, ulta, and other retailers. Love it.
This scrub leaves your skin feeling amazing! I do struggle with keeping it on for a full 3 minutes though without the shower rinsing it off! Haha. I immediately notice a moisturized, soft feeling on my skin. I noticed an improvement on some acne on my shoulder/back area as well. It’s incredibly messy, no doubt there, it’s legit coffee grinds. I keep a cup in the shower to wash off any mess it leaves behind. The scent is a mild citrus/coffee smell. It’s nice and not too strong. Will be buying again.
What is your favorite scrub? I prefer a good salt or coffee scrub myself 🥰
How can i voxbox with this item would love to try?
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