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Foxbrim 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil for Hair, Skin & Nails, 2 fl. oz.
Foxbrim Naturals

Foxbrim 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil for Hair, Skin & Nails, 2 fl. oz.


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I've been applying this to my nails at night before bed. One drop on each nail on one hand, then I rub my nails together and massage the oil into each nail and cuticle. I seriously can not believe how awesome my nails look. Usually when my nails get this long, they tear at the corners. But now they're super strong and healthy. I will definitely keep purchasing this. I also love it for my face too.
I am very impressed with Foxbrim Naturals line of skin care products. I use their face cleanser, Neem oil, and Argan oil. All of the products are 100% organic and made with all natural ingredients. I love the Argan oil because it has so many uses! I use it alone as a moisterizer, I add it to my face & body cream/butter to help hydrate my skin even more, I apply it to my wet hair before shampooing to help my damaged hair/split ends. I even apply a little to the ends of my hair after I have washed it, my hair feels more soft & smooth and is more manageable... kind of like using a hair masque or detangle cream. So this oil can pretty much be used on any part of the body, and since it's all natural anyone with any skin type can use it. I highly recommend Foxbrim Naturals products. #foxbrimnaturals #organicarganoil #allnatural #cleanbeauty #naturalbeauty
Doesn't this oil make hair oiky?
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