Does this mask make your skin red? I’m reading that it burns
Islip Terrace, NY - a year ago
4 answers
I haven’t had any issues using this product! I feel like it was really gentle on my skin and refreshing too!
Sacramento, CA - 5 months ago
it does not make your face red. it burns but a mild burn. no real pain. burning means it’s working😂
a year ago
Same as above ^. It doesn't really burn, but it has a warming sensation. Doesn't irritate or make my skin red, and ive got pretty sensitive skin.
La Vista, NE - a year ago
I use it and it didnt burn my sensitive skin, it gives like a tingling feeling and like a refreshing feel when you apply it then it goes away after having it on for the time recommended, I love it! I think my skin got red the first time I used it but went away with 10 min or less
a year ago