Which Ford vehicle do you drive? What is your favorite thing about it? Thoughts on the mustang?
Lauderdale Lakes, FL - il y a 2 ans

5 answers

We drive a 2016 Ford focus se now. It has a small sputtering issue sometimes but gets good gas mileage. I did prefer our Chevy Impala though.
il y a un an
Hybrid. Escape. Amazing mileage for an suv. Very roomy and fun and comfortable to drive
il y a 2 ans
I have a mustang. It’s a convertible. It’s a nice ride. I love just riding around in it.
il y a 2 ans
I used to drive a 13 mustang. I loved it but it wasn’t the best in performance. I’m not opposed to going back but I do believe the v8 isn’t worth it because it is so heavy.
il y a 2 ans