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This review isfor @Flower chrome crunch pressed pigments. It's beautiful, just as good as ColourPop pressed pigments. Goes on smooth and lasts all day. My eye color is green and it goes well with my eyes. I would recommend these and I will buy another color.
This is one of my favourite lipsticks! The colour is absolutely gorgeous, it’s bright but not blindingly bright. It’s easy to apply and lasts almost the whole day (I sometimes have to reapply if i lick my lips too much...), and it doesn’t transfer much! I highly recommend this product!
I’ve just started trying some of Flower beauty. I don’t find it everywhere and so far it’s only one store in my area. This mate lip is a definite win. Glides on smooth. No funny dusty taste. Not hydrating, but not drying. If I use it on bare lips I use a plumping gloss over it. If I use a balm under, it feels and looks beautiful but doesn’t last as long. It did pretty well. I had to touch up after lunch but up until then it held strong. Picture is before lunch. So why the -1 star? I had to search for product information. Nothing on the tube. The little layer label for ingredients. No information on application- do you apply it on bare lips? let it dry since it’s a liquid lip product? Does it have a SPF? ( there is titanium dioxide in it but no level stated) and it has talc. It’s price point was on for drug store but I think there’s better products for my $10.
Best color for someone who has lighter skin, dirty blonde hair, and brown eyes?
Is this drying? Does it move or stay put? Is it long lasting?
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