17 Questions
Tashia A.
Do these work well?? Pros and cons ?
Lauren E.
What is the difference in this and the diva cup? What are y’all’s pro/cons with this product? Thank you so much! I’m tired of buying tampons!!!
Kendra D.
I just don't understand these. Maybe I'm old fashioned. Lol ?
Jamie R.
What are you thoughts on the FLEX? does it really work?
Gerry B.
Has anyone received this as sample to try?
LaToya D.
Why would someone use this instead of a reusable cup? I'm just trying to understand.
Layla J.
I’ve been doing a lot of online research, but still would like to hear from someone who’s specific tried this..are you able to truly have mess-free period sex while using FLEX ?
Danielle L.
Where can you find them?
Amanda K.
Does anyone else feel pressure in their lower abdomen when they first started using the flex discs? Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?
Amaris D.
Sometimes when I have a flex disc in and sit down I feel it shift. Has anyone else had this happen? I’m just now trying these out and want to give them a real fighting chance.