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5 / 5
Just found these and wish I had known of them before now! SO much better than tampons. Will never go back to tampons after this! A literal life saver. Best thing ever!
4 / 5
I started using these menstrual discs because I was sick of tampon leaks and wanted to try some mess free “play.” They take time to learn to use. Pushing them to seal, removal is easy with & without acrylic nails. Highly not suggested for press-ons. I like to rinse & reuse these throughout the day. Definitely worth trying
4 / 5
I'm going to start out with a little TMI here... my periods are horrible and extremely heavy. In the beginning of my period, I go through multiple tampons per hour kind of bad. With these cups, I can go upwards of 12 hours before I have to change them out. Truly a godsend for travel and insanely busy days. I have not had any issues with leakage, which I can't say about normal tampons. The biggest downside is the removal of the flex cups. Sometimes it can be difficult to fish the little suckers out, and it's a bloody mess that spills onto your hands - truly disgusting. At the end of the day, the mess is so worth it!


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Do these work well?? Pros and cons ?
What is the difference in this and the diva cup? What are y’all’s pro/cons with this product? Thank you so much! I’m tired of buying tampons!!!
I just don't understand these. Maybe I'm old fashioned. Lol ?
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