Do you think that these really help the baby get all of the essential vitamins that it needs? Do you recommend these vitamins?
North Port, FL - il y a 5 ans

2 answers

Yes! I take them :) and still do as I am nursing; however I have to take an iron supplement as these Prenatals do not have iron in them.
il y a 4 mois
Honestly, with my last pregnancy, I was so sick that I couldn’t stop vomiting, and was eating only saltine crackers and bananas for months. I had to get a friend to pick up gummy prenatals for me from the States since they weren’t available in Canada. I could totally see myself keeping these down in future pregnancies, and the peace of mind of getting some good things in for baby makes me feel a lot better! I felt so bad last pregnancy that I couldn’t eat the balanced diet that was recommended, and being able to keep down a prenatal definitely helped!
il y a 3 ans