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First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer
First Aid Beauty

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer


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Growing up I had terrible skin that the dermatologist couldn’t even help with: acne, bumps, dry, etc. I searched online and found FAB products and decided to try the Ultra Repair Moisturizer. I have been using FAB Ultra Repair Moisturizer for over 10 years now and I won’t use anything different. My mother, sister and wife have also starting using this moisturizer as well and absolutely love it. Our skin looks amazing!
This is my favorite moisturizer! I love how it has absolute zero smell to it, and it keeps my face hydrated all day. Also not sticky at all!
Wanted to switch moisturizers and try something new. My skin is pretty normal. This moisturizer is lightweight and has no scent. I will most likely use it in the morning and rotate it with something a little more heavier at night time. Will buy again.
Has anyone tried this? Looking to switch from cetaphil to something more moisturizing for the winter. Sensitive and acne prone skin.
Is this moisturizer good for oily skin?
How is this product differ from the FAB ultra repair cream? I am trying to decide on which one I should purchase for my dry flakey skin but I’m not sure the differences
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