3 Questions
Lauren A.
Has anyone with sensitive, acne-prone skin tried this and had any reactions or breakouts? I want to start wearing SPF daily to prevent sun damage. I currently use the Ultra Repair cream without SPF for day and night, but I’m scared to switch up my routine and aggravate my skin!
Lindsay D.
What is your favorite drug store/ reasonably priced daily moisturizer? I have been using First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Face Cream SPF 30, but it makes me skin feel oily and greasy from application throughout the day. I’d like something with an SPF preferably, and I have normal to dry (in the winter) skin.
Lenaiza E.
I've tried a few First aid products and was wondering if anyone has tried this one? Since it's winter I have to double up on facial products due to my skin getting lighter and dryer. Is it harsh on the skin?