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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Video Game
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Video Game
By Final Fantasy XIII-2
4.24 / 5 based on 107 Reviews
Christine T.
Staten Island, NY
196 reviews

Which final fantasy has been your favorite throughout the years?

Luke G.
Luke G.
Bristol, VT
4 years, 2 months ago
I agree although FF7 had it's merits FFX still just beat them all out. I'm in the process of replaying all the FF's as FFX HD is coming in march and yet again FFX was the one that just stunned me and left me wanting more. Just how the story was taking a child and turning him into a man. The Al Bhed (E muja dras) Seymour Guado....just everything was there. Personally for me it goes down as the best single play game I've ever played.
Cristin C.
Cristin C.
Massillon, OH
4 years, 5 months ago
I get bashed a lot because I don't automatically say "FFVII", but FFX and FFX-2 have been my favorites because I adore Tidus and I think that Tidus and Yuna had a pretty epic love story.

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