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Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour Hi-Lift Cool Brown B61 Hair Color 1 Kt Box

Lorrie A.
  • I was so excited to try this "Hi-Lift" Downtown Brown hair color mostly because of the dramatic color lift. in 3 reviews.

  • Gilma M.
  • I have dark brown hair with undertones of orange so when i use this it does bring them out even more but not enough for me to not like it. in 1 reviews.

  • Emily N.
  • I have always used the blue black in this line and it is absolutely amazing! in 1 reviews.

  • B61 Cooler - Hi-Lift Cool Brown Downtown Brown is a cooler shade that minimizes red/orange or golden tones.  Want to boost red or golden tones, choose a warmer shade.  To enhance your hair s natural tones, select a natural shade. Colour Cue:   Colour shown may only be achieved on natural medium brown to natural black hair colour. Not recommended on hair coloured with black or dark brown shades.  Not recommended on light brown or lighter natural hair colour. Do not use on relaxed hair, bleached, highlighted or gray hair.  Permed hair, wait two weeks before using. Re-inventing Browns:  Feria Hi-Lift Browns .  Brilliant, shimmering Feria browns that lighten even the darkest hair up to 4 levels .  Patented formula with Colour Booster Technology controls brassiness , so browns are purer and cooler than ever. Sends pure colour and mu

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    Liz S.

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    I use Loreal hair color products when I'm low on funds but want to color my hair. It is easy to use and turns out great. My hair always looks like the pic on the box which is great :) The directions are simple and easy to follow as well. I made the mistake once of using a white towel, don't do that it was the color of my hair. I like how they give you a conditioner in it as well. My hair always feels soft afterwards

    Dolly H.

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    This product was great for lightening my dark hair. It's also a very lovely shade of brown. Unfortunately there were some copper tones left making my hair look a little orange in some lighting. Overall a nice color though

    Shandel B.

    the last color i dyed my hair was brown several months ago. Coming into warmer months i like my hair blonder so i decided to give this a try. It says to only use on natural non colored hair but with mine i saw lightening results. . Granted not what the box showed but it turned a little lighter. I really noticed my roots were "blonder". I left it on for maybe an hour and half only because my hair is really hard to lighten, even to get hilights my hair takes forever. My natural color is red and that popped through after lightening with this product. My turn out wasnt how i wanted it but i did notice a difference and just hilighted my hair after this.

    Lorrie A.

    I was so excited to try this "Hi-Lift" Downtown Brown hair color mostly because of the dramatic color lift. The smell is horrible,the gloves are cheap, color didn't even come close to the after picture on the box, in fact I really don't see much change. Go to youtube and check out the Feria "Downtown Brown" before and after vids. You'll witness that there is very little change with the people in the vids too. There was no shine either LOL.. I can sincerely say....I won't try to do this again..my first "rodeo" was a flop. Thanks Feria =D (sarcastic smile)

    Blanca M.

    I recently used product on Natural Black I think, T change my red colored hair to my natural black. I was a little scare to use it because I thought that it was gonna look vvery non natural, I left it on my hair for about 10 mins, rinse it off, air dried and and OMG it looked amazing I felt like my self again! it's been a month, and my hair looks pretty natural and healthy.

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