Heel ladies❤️ I was wondering if I could get feedback on this product to see if it’s worth buying and if it actually helps your cats teeth and breathe, trying to find something to whiten their teeth and freshen their breathe? Thanks so much ☺️
Ponoka, AB - il y a un an

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It does help the breath and their teeth have no apparent buildup. They are the only treats they will eat so it is a treat and a clean at the same time
il y a 6 mois
Hey! My cats love them and I find they do freshen their breath somewhat (they have a minty smell) - but my cats don’t really chew the treats, just swallow them, so I’m not sure how much they do for their specific dental health haha. If your cat isn’t a gluttonous monster like mine, it would be worth a try! 😊
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