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Febreze CAR Vent Clip Happy Spring Air Freshener (1 Count, )

Febreze CAR Vent Clip Happy Spring Air Freshener (1 Count, )


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I have been using these car air vent fresheners for decades now. I like all the different scents they have I’ve tried alot of them. My favorite scent is ‘Linen & Sky’. My hubby likes the ‘new car scent’ and my mother loves the ‘Hawaiian flower’ scented one and the ‘Lemon’. They are sold at costco so I pick one of these every 6months or so. They are easy to use, I pop the little clip into the freshener and it breaks the seal so the freshener can do its job. Then you clip it onto your vent and adjust the lever to release alot or just a lil scent at a time.
I love these car vents. The scent lasts a while and you can even adjust the strength. This smell is especially great because it’s not overpowering but has that fresh spring scent
I love putting these in our family truck after cleaning it out. The smell lingers from the dashboard all the way to the back seat. Hop in the ride and say Aaahhh! Fresh!

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