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Febreze Airy Clouds Wax Melts Freshener - 2.75oz

Febreze Airy Clouds Wax Melts Freshener - 2.75oz


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5 / 5
This review is for the wax burner. I don't use the wax for my burner but rather scented oils and let me tell you this does a great job at making my home smell wonderful. I burn different oils from essential to fragranced and they all work well with this product. I feel the wax dosent last long and you need to replace to often. The oil fragrance last for weeks and I can purchase a lot of it and have for many months. I enjoy the fresh scents for my home and this does the trick.
4 / 5
After using this product I would like to say it isn’t for everyone just like any different scent isn’t. But I loved this fresh scent and the scent lasted for a long time after burning where some may die down.
5 / 5
Love it, great smell, perfect to keep you place with a good aroma, quite well price and love to use it


1 Question
Do you guys have wax burners that come with these wax melts or is it something you buy separately?
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