Febreze Air Refresher ? What is the best scent to purchase?
SPRINGFIELD , MA - il y a 3 ans

4 answers

It’s very hard to choose just one! My favs. Are Febreze Original Gain Scent Air Effects [product:air-effects-febreze-air-effects-gain-moonlight-breeze-air-freshener-(2-count,-)][product:air-febreze-air-freshener-hawaiian-aloha-(1-count,-)]
il y a 2 ans
I personally like anything with Apple scent to it. Also the Hawaiian Breeze is another great scent
il y a 2 ans
Apple is always my favourite scent!!
il y a 2 ans
There are so many its hard to find just 1 lol. But the 1 i have right now is april fresh with downy.
il y a 3 ans