Ok, so honestly, what do you get in a FabFitFun box? Is it similar to Ipsy or Birchbox?
Clearwater, FL - il y a 5 mois

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Some things are similar to cosmetic type stuff you get from ipsy glam box plus etc. Then they throw in costume jewelry, knee socks, and other weird stuff. Nothing you can't get at Marshall's. Like a plastic cactus drink holder?? More like a tub toy for kids. And it's all made in China. I threw out and gave away more junk. They say choose early, but that's no guarantee. I'd say no.
il y a 4 mois
Exactly what above person said. I love that it's not just ALL beauty products it's a variety of things to add to my life and try. My spring 2021 box had over $400 value, you can see what I got on my profile under pics hope you'll take the plunge!
il y a 5 mois
FabFitFun Box is great seasonal treat that always brings a smile and excitement to my life every season! Starting this summer annual members can customize there own boxes a brand new feature that has us all a bit more excited as now we can get everything we want not just hope for! It ranges from makeup to skincare as well as great products for your everyday life like household items, clothing, workout and personal items that are unique and fun always maybe things we might not splurge on but are nice receive as well. Ipsy is just beauty products FabFitFun Box
il y a 5 mois