How does this product compare to NYX's Epic Ink Liner?
il y a 4 ans

3 answers

As a person who struggles to prevent all types of liner from smudging I would say this one has worked best for me, doesn't budge all day! Really nice black, not very shiny either as some can have an almost plastic shine to them. The tip is actually a brush rather than a felt tip type and it goes to a point well making application for a winged look very easy. Once on if you do make a mistake it can be a little tricky to get off unless using a make up remover. I wouldn't recommend the brown version though as it appears to be a different formula which removes itself if you go over it a couple times with the liner, the pen also feel more dry in the brown. Black no issues and would say I personally prefer it to NYX.
il y a un mois
The precision is nice and easy when doing a wing. The color is also nice and black. I love my Eyeko liners!
il y a 3 ans
This is a okay eyeliner in my opinion. It does smear a little bit but its always consistent.
il y a 4 ans