anyone know how their reward system works ?
Staten Island, NY - il y a 2 ans

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I spend a decent amount [email protected] there but their rewards program is awesome. I always have rewards to add to my orders.
il y a 6 mois
like other reviewers said, you get points every time you purchase anything. However, what wasn’t mentioned was that you also earn points by writing reviews and even more when you attach a photo of the item you bought (preferably wearing it) in the review!! I absolutely love this aspect as it gives everyone else who’s debating whether or not to buy the product more insight on the fit and look, while also rewarding/enticing customers who have bought the products to do reviews and earn points towards a reward!
il y a un an
Just points for every time you spend
il y a 2 ans
For every $250 you spend you get a $10 reward. But once you become an a-list member (which means spending $250 within a year) you get a $15 reward every time you spend $250
il y a 2 ans