24 Questions
Odalis G.
Paulina F.
Do you think this would be too oily to put on my roots to get rid of flyaways?
Montse L.
Is this worth buying or no? What does it help with? Looking for something to help with freely hair!!
Taima G.
Does this product help make hair less frizzy?
Kristen R.
How do these work?
Evetria P.
What does this product do?
tara F.
Do these actually work good?
Alaina D.
My hair is very dry and I’m curious to see how this would work out. I’d want to sample these!
Jillian S.
What exactly are these for? How do you use them?! I love this brand and have been wanting to try some new things.
Bethany D.
Is this different than other towelletteS?