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essie® Gel Couture Nail Color


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Gel Couture - Essie Gel Couture provides up to 14 days of color and shine in unique, couture-inspired shades. No lamp required. Easy removal.Step 1: Luxurious Couture Color:Pure color pigment technologyRich, streak-free colorNo basecoat requiredPatented swirl stem brush (exclusively in Gel Couture Step 1)Step 2: Flawless Gel-Like Top Coat:Protects color and magnifies shineUltra-glossy finishShatter-proof, hard shell technology extends wear and prevents chippingQuick-dryingFour families linked to key moments in couture:The Atelier: embodied by the neutrals (whims & pins)The Backstage: embodied by the pastels (preview peek)The Runway: embodied by the brights (runway reveal)The After Party: embodied by the deeps (after the after party)Benefits:Professional, salon manicure lookGel-like finishHigh-qualityProvides a protective coating to nailsTop coat consistencyLess color transferFaster dry-timeLess scuffing - Gel Couture

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essie® Gel Couture Nail Color
essie® Gel Couture Nail Color
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Whitney C.
Ocala, FL
15 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
Review for: Pearls Of Wisdom more...
I have been using Essie nail products for the past 6 years, and since then this has been the only brand of nail polish I will buy. Although I loved how beautiful my nails would look after using my Essie nail polish, due to the short amount of wear time I would get between each usage, I began to limit how much I would do my nails, and desperately longed for a gel polish line from them.

Finally, about two or so years ago, my prayers were answered when the Gel Couture line was launched. I was beyond ecstatic , but I waited for reviews to come in before I purchased. After reading mostly positive reviews, I decided to purchase a few months later in the shades Pearls of Wisdom and Pre-Show Jitters. 

I found the shade Pearls of Wisdom by mistake while I was looking for the shade Pre-Show Jitters. I was OBSESSED with this shade, and decided to buy it because of how beautiful this color was. The color in the bottle looked borderline holographic to me, and I loved the gold shimmer. When I got home later that evening, the first thing I did was run upstairs and do my nails, and I must say that I was disappointed for two reasons: the color was NOT the same as it was in the bottle and it did not last at all.

When wet, the color looked similar to the way it looked in the bottle, but not quite, and when it dried and I applied the top coat, the color totally changed. It went from this beautiful shimmery maroon with gold color to a plain brown. I cannot explain how disappointed I was. Several hours later I got in the shower, and by the time I got out my manicure was almost completely gone. It totally flaked off within a few minutes in water. I was beyond upset at this point. I paid over $33 for the two shades and the top coat based on the two week guarantee, and this product didn’t even make it into the next day.

I decided not to give up and try again with Pre-Show Jitters, which I must add is more of a soft pink than white, despite its description. This lasted about a day, but still chipped off rather quickly throughout the day. At this point, the only purchase I was happy with was the top coat. It applied easily and dried really fast. I decided to get my nails professionally painted with gel polish. 

I didn’t use my nail polishes for about a year, but once I did, I noticed they lasted about three days. It probably would have lasted longer, but we had a pumpkin painting day at my job and I did all of the cleaning of materials, tables, etc., but even then it still didn’t chip off like before. I don’t know if I did something differently, but since then when I use them they do last slightly longer than before. I must give it three stars because it still doesn’t last anywhere near two weeks, as it is advertised to do. I do love the top coat, and I am happy that the applicator brush is wider than those in the regular Essie nail polishes. 

I believe the idea was great, but this does not compete with professional gel polish. I may buy more in the future, but as of right now it is highly unlikely. 
Tara H.
132 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 3
Review for: Pre-Show Jitters more...
I used to get gel manicures at the nail salon, but due to cost/time I’ve decided I’d rather just do it at home. I tried Sensationail which was good for a while, but I hated how hard it was to remove the polish. I also tried the Essie gel setter topcoat, which was just OK.

Then these came out. At first I purchased the kit that comes with one polish and the topcoat. The first time I tried I wasn’t impressed. It did not last as long as it claimed, so into my bin of polish it went.

Last year I tried these again and fell in love. With a little trial and error I have realized that you really need to take your time with this polish. With certain colors you need three/four coats, and it’s super important to wait some time in between layers. It’s time consuming, but personally I’d rather be home than stuck in a salon chair. I just paint my nails while watching tv and it’s not so bad.

I have a toddler and a baby and I wash my hands constantly during the day, as well as dishes, bath time, etc. Despite that I can’t believe how well these wear. Around day 5-6 I start getting the fading on the tips of my nails. After a week they start chipping. This is the longest wear time I’ve ever gotten from any other polish I’ve done at home.

My favorite shade is Pre Show Jitters. It’s a beautiful creamy pinky white that looks fantastic when I have a tan in the summer. It’s so clean and classy looking. I absolutely love it. For winter I have been loving the shades Model Clicks and Berry In Love. I have about ten shades now and will continue to purchase more!
Leann F.
Aldie, VA
128 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 4
I have a few shades of essie Gel Couture, but honestly Touch Up is my absolute favorite. I have gone through several bottles of this color since the formulation was released. It's a soft mauve shade that works as the ultimate neutral nail only better. No matter what I'm wearing, it just works. I go out of my way to track this shade down near me and when I can't, I'll place an order for a few bottles to make sure I don't run out. The gel formula is fantastic - my manicures last 10-14 days at a clip - and I'm not precious about my nails. The formula is super durable. Nail regrowth usually forces me to redo them before I have any breakdown in the actual polish.
Kaicey W.
196 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
Review for: Princess Charming more...
I was pretty excited about testing out this gel polish when I received it from Influenster. I usually don’t wear polish on my fingernails because I can never seem to keep it on. I have a terrible habit of picking at my nails and cuticles so one chip, and it’s game over for my manicure. I recently had gel polish applied at a salon and was able to keep it on for two weeks. So when I received this gel polish from Influenster a few days ago, I figured it was perfect timing! I can’t afford to have them professionally done every few weeks but I certainly loved being able to keep polish on my nails for a change.

I just applied the color a few hours ago so I can’t speak to the longevity but I will update in a few weeks with how long it lasted me. I do like the results so far, though. I was sent the shade “Princess Charming” which is an almost mauve, nude pink. Not something I would typically pick out myself but I was pleasantly surprised once I applied it to my nails. It’s a very natural shade that would be perfect for work. My biggest complaint with the product would be how thick the product is when applying. It is difficult to apply evenly and even with a light touch, it leaves streaks. Thankfully the topcoat helps meld it together and covers many of the imperfections. This may just be the shade I tried since other reviews mention it being thinner. I do love the round tip of the brush. It helps to get close to the cuticles without touching. I’m usually pretty bad about staying within the lines when painting my own nails but the applicator made it much easier for precise application. It dried quickly and even before the top coat, it was very shiny. It doesn’t seem to set to quite the same hard/thick layer as salon gel polish but I actually appreciate that since it can be hard to do some things with such thick nails. Overall, I really like the look of the manicure, especially for something I did at home, and I am definitely looking forward to purchasing in other colors. I’ve already got my eye on quite a few! I think with practice and becoming more familiar with the consistency of the product, this could easily be one of my new favorites. Especially since my current results are great even though I had some difficultly with application. I look forward to seeing how it holds up and will report back! essie® Gel Couture Nail Color
Jordan G.
Los Angeles, CA
17 reviews
Review for: Closing Night more...
I was really not expecting to like this polish as much as I do. Most at-home gel polishes I’ve tried chip basically as quickly as any other traditional polish. But this one I was very pleasantly surprised by! I had it on for at least a week and a half before I saw any chipping at all, and the chips that did appear after that were pretty minor. What was also great, was that when I did take it off, it came off just as easily as normal polish! Much less of a hassle than salon gel.
For me, it didn’t have the look of salon gels, with that perfect, thicker smoothness. But it is for sure my favourite at home polish. I even went and bought another colour, and am sure I will buy more. The only little complaint that I have, is that in the bottle, it appears to have a lovely shimmer to the color, that didn’t really transfer to my nails. I personally don’t mind that it didn’t have the sheen it appeared to, but some people may think the colour they’re getting is different than what it really is.

Loved it, and would definitely recommend to others looking for a good at-home no light required gel polish.

essie® Gel Couture Nail Color
Kym B.
Denver, CO
44 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Review for: Top Coat, Sheer Fantasy more...
I absolutely love the combination of these two polishes that I received in my Finesse Vox Box! I've used Essie polishes before and so I know their polishes work well for me, but I haven't used colors like this (I use mostly darker, which is what I tend to prefer). I applied two coats of the sheer pink and then one coat of the clear top coat. I gave the polish a few minutes to dry between coats and it was pretty much dry about 20 minutes after I did the last coat. I didn't push into it, but I had to do a few things around the house and it didn't get messed up. 

This polish was really easy to apply -- the brush is nice and wide and I was able to put it on fairly thick and I didn't see any bubbles. I hate when I get bubbles in my polish so it's always a happy day when it doesn't happen. The polish also goes on nice and even without looking patchy.

I love this look because it kind of looks like I had a manicure (aside from my dry cuticles). You could use a white polish on the tips and go for a French manicure look, or just keep it natural. This polish makes my nails feel nice and strong, which helps because my nails tend to break easily. 

It has been six days since I first applied it and it still looks great. (The photo was taken on day four.) It's starting to peel away a tiny bit at the cuticles, but as long as I resist the urge to pick at it, I think the polish will look nice for a couple more days before I have to take it off (I can't stand having chipped polish on my nails). Anytime I can do my nails myself and have it last a full week, I'm a happy girl. I really don't spend a ton of time on my nails, but I do like them to look nice and I also like to keep them from breaking. On that note, I absolutely recommend these polishes from Essie. 
Dana L.
108 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 3
Nails are just something I can’t give a lot of time to. I’m blessed with thin nails yet my nail-beds are oily. Standard manicure nail polish sticks to my nails for maybe 2 days before starting to peel off. Acrylic nails start lifting away after 6 days (8 if I’m lucky). Seriously guys my cousin is a nail tech and my nails give her nightmares because she can’t figure out why *exactly* nothing stays put no matter who does my nails. Because of this it just doesn’t make sense for me to waste $15+ on a mani every 2-3 weeks.
Queue last Christmas. My roommate got me a bottle of the color “Model Clicks” so I gave it a whirl. This actually stays on my nails (by my standards). It doesn’t begin to chip for me until day 6/7 but it doesn’t completely peel away like other nail polishes do. It also dries super fast. After applying the polish my nails are dry within 15 minutes, there’s no light curing needed, & another big plus is that there’s no base coat needed so it’s just 3-4 coats (2-3 color & 1 top). Highly recommend! My favorite shades are 370 - Model Clicks & 70 - Take Me To Thread!
Catie H.
36 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Review for: Platinum Grade Finish Top Coat, Fairy Tailor more...
When I first saw Essie Gel Couture in Target I was intrigued yet skeptical... A fast drying two step no light gel nail? I’ve tried other no light gel nails and none of them measure up to Essie Gel Couture, this stuff is incredible. It lasts so long, IT DRYS SO FAST, the colors and shine is next level, and it protects your natural nails. My nails grow so long when I wear this polish(I’ve always had nails that peel and break). You have to get the color and the top coat for it to work which seems pricey but realistically is around the price of a single gel manicure. Application is a breeze and it removes like normal polish but wears like gel, and even fools nail techs. I had broke a nail while on vacation and went to get it patched at a salon and the girl told me it was an extra $10 to remove my gel polish, when I told her it wasn’t gel she was shook. I highly recommend you try Essie Gel Couture it’s a game changer. 
Annie T.
Fort Lauderdale
25 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
These nail polishes are definitely the best nail polishes I ve used. They claim to last I think two weeks and even though they didn't last THAT long on my nails. Maybe 5 days without chipping, they are still worth the money. Their color collection could be bette though. 
Beverly G.
Gas city, IN
35 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Review for: Fashion Faceoff more...
This is a really pretty gray, it lasted long with the top coat. I'm sure you could use any top coat to make it still look good. I got a gray and the gray was soft yet bold, I've let friends use it just because they enjoyed the color. I'm picky about my colors so I'm glad I found this. 
Sky G.
690 reviews
What is your favourite nail colour?
Jessica R.
Bedford, TX
13 reviews
How long does this really last?
Melanie C.
310 reviews
Do you prefer bold or nude colours?
Jessie B.
Paradise, CA
6 reviews
I currently use the essie base coat with 2 coats of color and the essie gel setter top coat..that lasts about a week for me sometimes less if I'm using my hands a lot. My question is how long does this last? Pretty much is it worth replacing my collection?
Delaney D.
286 reviews
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