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Essence Pure Nude Sunlighter

Essence Pure Nude Sunlighter


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I like my highlighters to beam, and this doesn’t do that. It is a very subtle shimmer and it is also too stiff. I like my highlighters to be a bit creamier or bouncier. The “wet” look I got was from a Danessa Myricks product, and not this highlighter. The highlighter was underwhelming. You can hardly see it.
OMG! This is beautiful! I was first introduced to this by @juicyjas and she said it was very nice if you want a light from within. Girlfriend, let me tell you that I have always seen this at CVS and said, I want to try it but I don't like bright highlights! I finally did, And my goodness! It's beautiful, breathtaking and maybe even gorgeous! If you haven't already, make a serious jump over to CVS! I'm in the Shade 40--Be my sunlight
If you want a highlighter that you can build then I highly recommend this. It gives such a natural glow and you can build it up. It won’t be blinding but you can go from very light to a medium glow. It melts into the skin and is just beautiful on everyone
If you scrape the top layer off, do you get more pigment?
would this work for mac nc30-35 skintone? i really wanna try this because i loved the formula of their original highlighter but it was too cool toned for my skintone, and im afraid this would be too dark/too golden! So anyone out there who has nc30-35 skintone?
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