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Escalade Sports Original Health Club Step Aerobic Trainer in Teal
Escalade Sports

Escalade Sports Original Health Club Step Aerobic Trainer in Teal


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Omg do you even know how long I've had this step??? The answer is 30 years! Yep...It was my mom's and she let me have it. I absolutely love this step and use it for every workout: Step classes, HIIT, grit cardio and even weights! It is awesome and clearly durable since it's 30 years old. It has two levels and you simply pick up the step and take the pieces out from the bottom to make it smaller or taller. My dog also loves it too as she likes to sit on top to watch me work out!!
I really like this step. I don’t feel like it seems cheap and I feel it’s good quality. You can get a good aerobic workout with this and it makes it less boring. The rubber underneath does need to be cleaned so nothing builds up
I bought this 15 years ago at big 5 Sporting Goods. I had been taking a step class the the junior college and wanted to continue to use it when I transferred to a 4-year school. I have been very satisfied.Pros: Easy to use. Step aerobics is fun and a great workout. The step can also be used as a weight bench.Cons: Rubber top can collect dirk and gunk.
For those of you into step aerobics, what are some good YouTubers and videos I can watch?
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