Erborian BB Creme

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4.65 / 5 star rating
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5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
really good BB cream. looks great, is natural, and evens out skin tone. easy everyday use, perfect for daytime, light weight. I love Erborian best BB cream.
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
I have been using BB cream for 3-4 years now, and I think I will continue to use it, so if you are hesitant, try it, you won't regret it. Light texture, pleasant to the touch, light finish, like baby skin, and most importantly, your skin looks well moisturized, and the BB cream is not visible on the face at all. Perfectly evens out the complexion, just perfect for every day, I have a nude color. The package is small - 15 ml, but it lasts for a long time. My rating is 100/10
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
Cover is medium, but looks nice . Depends on your skin problems. Texture is smooth and make you a shine face. Easy to apply , i use my finger as sponge absorb half of product.