Can I buy this online? I get cystic acne on my chin and nothing stops it. I rarely wear makeup and my diet isn't that bad. I used to have amazing skin, hardly ever broke out then I had my son and my skin went crazy.
Abingdon, MD - 3 years ago
3 answers
Don't purchase this product from a website. It is a medication. If you have cystic acne, it is something a dermatologist should see. Have them help you to create a skin regimen that is just for you. Pro-tip: when you go to your appointment, don't wear makeup. Let your doctor see the condition your skin is in, you'll be happier with the results if you show them your "honest" skin. As someone who suffers from cystic acne myself, I wish you luck!
W Lafayette, IN - 2 years ago
I would try going to your dermatologist to get a prescription. Sometimes they can give you coupons or even free samples to try first!
Saint Louis , MO - 3 years ago
I think there's websites out there that sell it. In my opinion, it is more expensive and risky to buy prescriptions online. You never know if you're truly going to get what you're buying.
Omaha, NE - 3 years ago