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eos flavorlab 3.0 - blackberry hibiscus stick & sphere

eos flavorlab 3.0 - blackberry hibiscus stick & sphere


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I love EOS lip balms. The leave my lips hydrated and smooth. They also have great flavor! I love this raspberry one!! I would definitely recommend
It is a very good lip gloss and protectant. I don't care for the hibiscus or acai flavoring however. The strawberry or blackberry however are very nicely flavored. I wish they'd stay away from the fragrant floral flavor additive. I recommend EOS lip products, find a flavor that is your favorite.
I’ve always heard overwhelming reviews on EOS chapstick but i had never tried (why SHM) and such a FOMO!!!! Why didn’t I give this product a try earlier. First off, this chapstick is so so soo hydrating it’s even impossible. I live in a very dry weather Seattle area. So I ALWAYS need a chapstick. This stayed on forever on my lips. The blackberry hibiscus is very unique exotic flavor. It comes in both the sizes so that makes it very convenient! I will absolutely try other flavors. P.s I am getting more kisses from my husband since I got this chapstick ;)

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